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Gravity - Why So Weak? The Three Explanations of Gravity.

Posted on the 29 November 2011 by Vandanan @vandanan_m

Gravity has always been a mystery. To begin with, I’ll remind you that there are four basic forces in nature. They are – Weak nuclear force, Strong Nuclear force, Electromagnetic Force, and of course, Gravitational Force.Gravity, weak?Don’t believe me? Try picking up a paperclip with a fridge magnet. Did that work? OF course! The whole gravitational force of the huge earth was overcome by a tiny magnet. Ok-Why?Dunno! It’s a mystery. However, there is a new theory that can explain it. However, I can tell you more on the three explanations of gravity, and one theory that says it knows why gravity is so weak.The three explanationsNewton- It is confusing, as to whether this can actually qualify as an explanation. Newton never actually said WHY gravity works in the first place. Yet, he found out the formula to find the ‘force of attraction between any two bodies in the universe’.

Gravity - Why so weak? The three explanations of gravity.

Bending of the space time fabric

Einstein- Einstein used three dimensions of space- that is, length, breadth and height- and with that, a dimension of time. This four dimensional fabric was called the space-time fabric. Any body with mass bent it. A massive object like the sun creates such a curvature that less massive objects, like the earth is attracted to it. But again,  he never said why gravity is weak.String theory- This new theory is known by different names. (superstring theory, m-theory, etc.). According to this theory, there exist parallel worlds –where this blog was never yet made, and another, in which I’m now a grown up. Also, it suggests that everything is made of stings- vibrating stings of energy. They are of the length 10-31meter, also called Planck’s length.  There are two kinds of strings- open strings and closed loop strings. Closed loops are seen only in Gravitons, massless, chargeless, stable particles that ‘conduct’ gravity. These gravitons can ‘shortcut’ to unseen dimensions and parallel worlds, and that is why gravity is so weak.
However this explanation is not completely agreed by all. What do we do? Just understand the concepts. Enjoy falling down! :P

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