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Graduation of Swedish Stylists

By Nordicbliss @NordicBliss

I wouldn’t be a proper blogger on Scandinavian design and style if I didn’t show you what everyone in the Nordic blog world is talking about at the moment: Lotta Agaton‘s interior styling class has now finished and the results are out.

The task was to style Therese Sennerholt’s new prints that are now for sale. (The pictures on the website are styled by Lotta Agaton)

I have picked my favourite pictures out of the lot but head over here to check them all out.

Graduation of Swedish Stylists
 Stylist: Hanna Meijer

I love Hanna’s styling. Playful, fun, pretty!

Graduation of Swedish Stylists
 Stylist: Pella Hedeby

Pella is incredible and her blog is so full of inspiration. The shoes. The frames on top of posters. (Does anyone know if the other three stylists have a blog?)

Graduation of Swedish Stylists
 Stylist: Marie Ramse

This is a genius idea. Making art out of yarn and nails in the wall. When I was a kid we would get nails and a piece of wood and do patterns on it. The pedantic and mathematical side of me was obsessed with getting the proportions right.

Graduation of Swedish Stylists
 Stylist: Ulrika Eriksson

I love that there is a bit of greenery in this photo. And ever since Acne released their kids collection I have had a bit of a hang up on drums as a decoration.

Graduation of Swedish Stylists

Stylist: Annaleena

And last but not least the winning contribution by Annaleena. Congratulations Annaleena. Very creative!


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