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By Phoenixwriter @naesnest

Graduation -

Wherever my feet walk upon

Whether this world or the next

My heart will still be just as full

And will withstand all tests

For my soul resides within my heart

Conducting every move

Playing life’s music

Never missing a single tune

Boldly I shall march on

A passing of life’s lesson

The Key of Knowledge earned

A graduate’s procession

A physical farewell

Gradually the soul departs

Memories packed and ready

Filling every crevice, of the heart

A check of the passport

Gabriel’s trumpet sounds

On the tarmac, the portal opens

The impact blessedly profound

Reflections of the past appear

My feet lift up off the ground

Into the mirror, I am pulled

Faster than the speed of sound

Through the quantum of time

The future is released

Dancing with past memories

I am comforted and at peace

Renee Robinson

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