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Google Funded Research, Review-Review to Identify Fake

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

Google Funded Research, Review-Review to Identify Fake User Review is that critical information is located on the internet, especially for mobile devices.Usually people rely on the reviews-review to determine whether options such as restaurants, hotels, movies, books, and more. If you see today many Google applications that are present at Play, iTunes App Store or Windows Marketplace. Unfortunately, more and more false-review reviews are scattered with no eradication. Google wants to find a solution to that problem, so Google has helped to fund a study at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The problem, identifying false-review review it is not easy, according to the researchers, the main difficulty is to determine the algorithm. However, the research team has menemukann possible solutions in the form of an algorithm called GSRank, where to find out the purpose behind the review is deceptive. This algorithm identifies behaviors such as the review was posted, the similarity review / rating is given, the size of the group, and of course the distance of the reviews were provided after the release of an application, because if the review is given too rapidly it is likely that the review is a fake review. Of course, this algorithm can be used also for other markets in addition to Google's Play Store, but because the study was funded by Google, the current algorithm is only exclusive to Google. Surely with the investigation and action to eliminate false reviews-review can prevent us to be deceived and may find content that is really nice. source regards, hpmurah2u latest info of mobile price and get your own mobile right now

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