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Google Apps Sync/ Update Issues for Android Users

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
It seems that the recent updates to a few of the main Google apps on the android system have caused a few major issues for many users including myself.

All of the apps work fine on my phone that is running the later android version (6.0) but the apps are having major issues on my Motorola Xoom tablet running android 4.0.4 as are many other users on other devices going by reviews on the app store and forums online.

I have recently found that the updates have destroyed the YouTube app as now the app is force closing seconds after opening the app. This has rendered the YouTube app unusable. The recent update to the Google maps app have also caused a total loss of use for the app as it is impossible to log in to the Google account to access any map information.

Google keeps is experiencing major update and synchronization issues since the last update though it still works fine on my phone and PC.

A couple of the other apps that are affected by recent updates include, Google books, TV and movies, Blogger and Google+ which all have hit and miss log in issues, synchronization issues and force closures. Also to note is the fact that the chrome app is no longer being support on android if your system is running Lower than the 4.1 OS.

It seems that the more recent updates to many of the Google apps are not running on the older versions of android even though many people are still running android systems of 4.0.4 on many popular Motorola, Samsung and Nexus devices that's are still being sold in store and online around the world.

I have tried to fix the issues on all the apps by clearing cache files/data, force stops and reinstall but this has not helped fix any of the issues faced on my Motorola Xoom tablet. It seems that the recent updates are not including support for the older systems even though many devices are still being used daily by millions of people around the world on popular devices.

Has anyone else experienced these issues/ got any thing they would like to share regarding the recent updates to apps on android if so let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and supporting the blog.

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