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Google and Facebook? Will Disappear Within 5 Years!

Posted on the 10 May 2012 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

Net giants are giants with feet of clay. Facebook and Google could disappear from screens within 5 years, according to business magazine Forbes.

Facebook loses money in the mobile sector, and is struggling to effectively invest this new evolution of the Internet. ”Given the rapid changes in the technological world, there are good reasons to believe that Google (GOOG 607.55 1.77% ) and Facebook completely disappear within 5 to 8 years, “said Eric Jackson, a specialist in high-market the tech Magazine Forbes .

Given the billions available to the two giants, one should not expect a bankruptcy, “but at a loss to the MySpace,” the analyst predicts.

Google and Facebook

Doomed to failure

Eric Jackson is the basic sociological theory of population ecology perspective for strategic options and the flexibility of Google and Facebook. Clearly, the two colossi are doomed to miss the boat the next evolution of the web.

“Increasingly, the internet, it seems that the long-term viability of a company depends on its creation date.” Each generation, says Jackson, sees the world differently, which results in its purchasing decisions and a host of other habits.

Generational problem

And to recall the three generations of Web technology: Web 1.0, with companies like Yahoo ! (YHOO 15.35 1.32% ) , Google, or Amazon ; ( 225.16 0.52% ) Web 2.0 and its social component, with sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace, and finally the mobile web, oriented smartphone and tablet, with a product like Instagram.

Sites from the Web 1.0 helped to bring order into the network to aggregate content and make it more navigable. However, they struggle to take the turn of the social Web. Just like Google and its Google + social network.

Similarly, Facebook disappoints in its conquest of the mobile market. Its application is not up to the web version of the social network. Besides Facebook is losing money in this sector.

The buyback indicates that the premeir Instagram social network out big money to invest in this sector. It neutralizes a competitor of a sudden moving and positioning itself at the cost of a fragmented identity in the niche of photo sharing.

Inevitable obsolescence

“The failures of Web 1.0 to adapt to the social mode suggest that Facebook will have the same difficulty in moving to mobile,” said the specialist Forbes. As time passes, the gap between a product and the environment in which it is supposed to operate is growing.

“These next 5 to 8 years could be incredibly dynamic,” sliding Eric Jackson. ”And it is possible that Google and Facebook are no longer as shadows of themselves. These giants have money to try to move the mobile web, but history shows they will not succeed. “

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