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Google +1 Button: A Promising Reply to Facebook’s Like Feature

Posted on the 26 June 2011 by Mohammadatif @hitechmca
google +1Ever heard of Google +1 button? If not yet, then here I am to spill the beans. Well, its no different than Facebook’s ‘like’ feature that enables you to express your affinity towards a particular post, comment, link, image or a video. Intended to serve very much similar purpose, Google Inc. has taken this brave initiative in the form of +1 button.
google +1How it works?
If you like a particular webpage, blog post or an article, hitherto you used to get it bookmarked via Digg, Stumble Upon and other social bookmarking sites, sometimes you may even would have shared the link in Twitter or FB. Interestingly, with the inception of Google’s +1 button, now you can get tete-a-tete to yet another mode to recommend the web pages online that you cherish, with merely a single click.
Implementing "+1" buttongoogle +1In a welcome move, Google has made +1 button available in Blogger, YouTube, Android Market and in all the Product searches via Google search engine. Alongside, if you want one such button for your own website then you can simply visit Google’s official webmaster central blog to get the desired javascript code. Just copy and paste the code provided there into your website and customize it as per your needs.Its significance with respect to SEO  The fact that +1 button has been developed straight from Google Labs makes it to be a very important measure as far as tweaking SEO rankings is concerned. Suppose, if you own a US based tourism website and a visitor while searching for “tourist destinations in US” finds your webpage in the search result, he may or may not click the link. As an icing to the cake, if anyone from his friends or contacts has already recommended your page by clicking the like +1 Button, the visitor will instantly come to know about that and chances for him to click the link would rise to manifolds. Exceptional benefit of Like +1 button   google +1The more clicks the Like +1 button at your webpage gets better are your chances to appear in the top page of the search results. Needless to say, this will drive a heavy traffic to your site and consequently you may be rewarded by increased sales.Let’s Start!google +1If you have not yet started to use this competent feature from Google, you can start right from this blog post itself. At the end of this post, you should be seeing a “+1” icon besides the icons of Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Gmail and Blogger. All you need is to click this button and make this blog a hit over the internet. In a similar fashion, you can lure the visitors to your website as well to like your webpages. Hope this post works wonders for you!

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