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Goodbye Henry

By Katyscarlett @_katyscarlett
goodbye henry Henry  2009 - 20012 Last month I introduced you to my number one best boy, the absolute love of my life, Henry. In hindsight I wish I'd introduced you to how amazing he was sooner so you could have got to know him more. Unfortunately on Sunday (30th September 2012) we received a note that I would never want sent to my worse enemy, it was a note informing us that my beautiful boy had been hit by a car. My mom went to collect him straight away but it was too late and he was already gone. My dad wrapped him up in a blanket, placed him inside a box that he wrote a little message that will forever be with him, and we buried him in the garden later that day. The pain I feel is unbelievable. I've only lost one family member in my life, my granddad when I was 10 years old, but I can't really remember how long the pain went on for. Without sounding dramatic I feel like I'm going to be sad for a very very long time. The seems to be a taboo around loving animals, and crying over their deaths, like it doesn't compare to loving a human. I've had several cats in my life that have all died from old age, and not that I loved them any less, it was just kind of expected as they got older. I feel worse that Henry was only 3 years old, hadn't yet reached his prime, and in reality he should of still been around when I would be pushing 40. I know I'm biased in the fact he was my cat, but he really was amazing. He was such a character and an awesome personality, he made me laugh every time I saw him. When you lose an animal, your mind goes into overdrive about things you could of done differently. Usually on a Saturday me and Daniel stay at my parents, but this weekend we stayed at his, and part of me keeps thinking, maybe if I was there, I could have kept him in and not let him out, maybe I should of let him sleep on Daniel's face on Friday night, much to Daniel's dismay. The trouble with Henry he was such an outdoor cat, he would spend 20 hours of the day out and 4 in, unlike Ted, our other cat who spends 20 hours in and 4 hours out, so in reality there was nothing much I could of done, which kills me even more. I would also like to say thank you to the person that picked up him out of the road and wrapped him in a towel and placed him on the pathway. Thanks to you, we had closure to what happened to my beautiful boy and a body to bury. Sorry for rambling on, and sorry if this is a little too deep for you to read, I just really needed to pour my heart out, as I'm all out of tears. RIP HENRY forever in my heart xox

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