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Goodbye 30 Rock & Hello Naked Glee Guys

Posted on the 01 February 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Today, 2/1/13 is the one year anniversary of this blog. According to Google, WWTM generated 68,440 page views which is amazing to me! I honestly can't believe it. So, thank you all for your patience, your help, your daily feedback, your great information and for reading every day! 

Today is the first day of the February Trivia Contest!  All correct answers count!
Goodbye 30 Rock & Hello naked Glee guys
There were 112 players this month, but the January Trivia winners are: James Gabriele, Monica Caraffa and Crystal Kyler.  CONGRATS!  ( I will contact you for prize info)

The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Steve Young threw 6 touchdown passes in one Super Bowl in 1995. FIRST FIVES:  Mike Pierro, James Schiro, Dan Realson, Bill McLaughlin & Lance Beitler Honorable Mention: David Gorin

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5 American Idol-FOX 5.4/15.5
Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials-CBS 2.1/9.8
Modern Family-ABC 2.1/6.1
Chicago Fire-NBC 2.0/7.2
Law & Order SVU 1.7/6.3

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 American Idol-FOX 297,733

Supernatural-CW 41,784
WWE Main Event-ION 29,643
Law & Order SVU-NBC 27,727
Arrow-CW 22,773

Wednesday's Cable Top 5 Moonshiners-Discovery 1.7/3.8

The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.3/3.1
The Americans-FX 1.2/3.2
NBA-ESPN 1.1/2.4
NBA-ESPN 1.0/2.0 Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
NBA Basketball-ESPN 374,983
NBA Basketball-ESPN 232,666
Workaholics-Comedy Central 117,206
NHL Hockey-NBC Sports 45,711
The Americans-FX 44,124
Late Night Ratings for the week of 1/21/13-1/25/13
Leno .8/3.5
Kimmel .8/2.9 The Daily Show .8/1.8   Letterman .6/2.6 Colbert .6/1.4 Fallon .5/1.5 Conan .5/.9 Nightline .4/1.8 Ferguson .4/1.3  Carson .3/.8
Early Morning Ratings for the week of 1/21/13-1/25/13
GMA- 1.8/2.1
Today Show- 1.8/2.0
CBS This Morning-.9/1.1
SO much happened on The Vampire Diaries last night...
Goodbye 30 Rock & Hello naked Glee guys
Of course there was a dance, because as you know, in Mystic Falls there's ALWAYS a dance! This week it was The Decade Dance and the decade of choice...my favorite...the 80's! But just as Bonnie had all the balloons blown up, her Dad cancelled the party and instituted a curfew to protect the town from...well...Bonnie and her vampire friends. No worries, Stefan used the abandoned gym and all its decorations to distract Rebekka and teacher all about 80s movies, music (The Cure...YEAH!), culture, and even those tiny clippy Koala's from back in the day.  While all of that was going on in the gym, Damon was locked up, fully clothed, in the dungeon so that Jeremy wouldn't kill him. Elena, Matt, and Jeremy plotted and planned a way to kill Kol, and Bonnie was home for a family meeting which meant her crazy Mom was also back in town.  Caroline didn't make an appearance this week, and I kinda missed her.  So, back in Elena's house, Kol viciously attacked Elena by piercing her with some railing slats then he went to cut off Jeremy's arms with a cleaver, but of course Elena broke free just in time to save him, and between them both kill Kol.  Unfortunately Klaus saw his bro burn and went nuts, but luckily Bonnie blew off the family pow wow just in time to use the moon to jail Klaus in an invisible cell inside Elena's house.  Rebekka's upset, but since Stefan didn't dagger her as he was told to do, who knows what will happen with her now. Just as expected once Kol was dead, Jeremy's hunters mark began to appear with the map to the cure for vampirism and probably the release of the scariest dude ever...Silas.  I'm guessing he's not the hot weed farmer from Weeds.
Goodbye 30 Rock & Hello naked Glee guys

I gotta say, I really liked this weeks episode of Glee.  It was billed as the "naked" episode and well, there were tons of shirtless guys, a completely naked Brody, with a strategically placed cereal box covering his privates, a not so naked Artie and a nearly naked Rachel.  So all of the nudity pros and cons were well represented here and I think for the first time, the show didn't really pick a side.  The premise was, that since the Warblers had used PED's, New Directions was going to regionals and of course they don't have any money for the bus to get there (they've never had any money in the past, why should this time be different) so they decided to do a Men of McKinley calendar fundraiser...hence the reason for the guys to all go topless and lift weights as much as possible in one hour. In NYC, Rachel was asked to be in a student film but she'd have to take her top off.  Kurt was against it, Brody's was for it, but Kurt was so distraught about his girl releasing her girls to the world that he brought in some back-up...Quinn and Santana, to do a quick intervention and remind Rachel what Lena Dunham could care less about...taking your top off could ruin your life forever and embarrass you in front of your unborn children.  Rachel chickened out at the last minute and sang with Santana and Quinn instead. Sam did crappy on his SAT's so he went mental thinking all he had was his body...loved Bro-Ga (yoga for bro's), also loved Britney's "Fondue for Two" talk show and all of the performances. I think my favorite though was Marli and Jake's Twilight song..."A Thousand Years".  This was a really strong episode, that reminded me why we I fell in love with the show when it started.  Ryan Murphy wrote this one...good job Ryan.
Goodbye 30 Rock & Hello naked Glee guys
I had to wait until my son came home from wrestling practice to watch the 30 Rock series finale with him,  I guess I didn't mind because I really didn't want it to end for me.  There was SO much that went on in the finale that it's hard to capture it all.  I loved that so many long running jokes finally had their payoffs (Okay so Jenna doesn't know Mickey Rourke).  Loved the sentimentality of Tracy not wanting to say goodbye, loved the cameo's, especially Liz ignoring Conan in the elevator, and Ice T! I also loved the ending, with Liz's granddaughter pitching the never aging Kenneth an idea for a show based on all of her grandmothers stories.  I also loved the joke within the joke when the TGS gang told the audience that the joke is on the because they all got paid regardless of nobody watching.  I loved 30 Rock. I loved that NBC stuck with it for 7 years, I loved Jack and Liz and I loved the brilliance throughout the seasons.  I will miss these people and can't wait to see where they all end up next.  Blurg.

-I don't have Netflix and for any of you that have read this blog for a while you know how I feel about them, but I have to admit, I REALLY want to see House of Cards with Kevin Spacey.  It premieres tonight on Netflix.  I just may have to re-join to watch it.  Not only for the show itself, but I have a feeling this could be the first truly online hit show that gives even more power to Netflix and other non traditional distribution channels. The cool thing is that Netflix is releasing the entire series right now, so you can literally watch all 13 episodes this weekend before kick-off if you have the time.  Let me know if you plan on watching. 

-I'm so happy for Felicity! The Americans got off to a huge start with a total of 4.7 million viewers for both the first run and the encore episode on Wednesday night.  This was a better  premiere than American Horror Story and Sons of Anarchy.  I gotta watch it this weekend!
-I just couldn't wait for the Super Bowl for the commercials, I think I've already seen most of them, here's one of my favorites...what TV show is the song from? BONUS TRIVIA!!!
-The Ben & Jerry's flavor commemorating 30 Rock was finally announced and it was pretty simple...LIZ LEMON! It's a Lemon Greek frozen yogurt with a blueberry lavender swirl.  If that interests you it will be out this Spring. 
Friday's Super, Super Bowl Trivia Question: 3 Individuals appeared in Super Bowls as a player, an assistant coach and then a head coach.  Name 1, 2 or 3. Points for each correct answer!

Have a great weekend...Enjoy the game! WWTM-Kristy

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