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Good Morning Gluten Free

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey Friends!!! My good blogging friend LauraJayne was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s Disease. I can’t imagine how difficult that would be and reading about her new life, literally she’s had to change her life, is so inspiring. She’s real! Some days she’s happy and some days she’s struggling. I love that she feels able to share that on the web.

I think about her a lot, so when I walked into the kitchen and decided to have gluten free cereal this morning I knew I had to dedicate it to her! LauraJayne this is for you (I don’t know if you can have soymilk or not…).

Check out her blog friends! She’s an avid runner, soon to be gluten-free guru, and stir-fry master!


Gluten Free (That’s for you LauraJayne) Checks Cereal with a hint of cinnamon.


I don’t usually like cereal but this one was delicious, especially with soymilk instead of milk. Soymilk makes cereal taste better.


I don’t know what they meant by hint… can you see the cinnamon sugar on those checks?!


Definitely delicious!


Okay so a few of you wanted to know what camera I chose after my camera situation (I lost it and engaged in an epic battle with my house trying to find it. All to no avail).

The Nikon D3000!

I guess I should say first, I haven’t actually bought the camera yet. But I have chosen it and I wanted to share it asap because it just went on sale (last night) on It’s not listed at the sale price if you buy in store. But if it’s bought online and picked up at the store you get the deal! I’ve done tons of searching for lower prices on this camera and this is about as low as you’ll get without getting a used or refurbished model.

I know it seems like it doesn’t have enough megapixels (only 10.2) but here’s the deal. Megapixels is a lot of what dictates the price of the camera and unless you are printing your pictures HUGE (16×24 or more) you don’t need to pay for all those megapixels. And this is a Single Lens Reflex so it has a bigger chip (than point and shoots) inside which allows for more clarity in the pictures anyways. Choosing less megapixels (only if you don’t need them) is an easy way to save a few dollars on a BIG purchase.

This camera doesn’t have video capabilities but I rarely shoot video anyways, and I have my iPhone all the time so I’m willing to sacrifice that feature.

If you would like more megapixels and video options you can step up a model and get the Nikon D3100 for around $100 dollars more.

Why didn’t I go with the Canon Rebel?

They cost more for the same features! Plus the Nikon and Canon both have changeable lenses so I looked into lens prices for both models before choosing. Nikon lenses (on average) run for less money than the canon version. The camera accessories like flash, remote shutter clickers, etc are all less expensive as well.

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