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By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey Friends!! Boy how was your Manic Monday?

Mine was a bucket of emotions. I don’t know what the flamin’ deal was but I was frustrated to the point of tears 3 different times today. Bat Crap Crazy!!

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So what’s been going on in the land of Maren, you ask?

Well… loads of stuff! I joined a gym!!! It’s a whopping 1.01 miles from my house, so it’s perfect because I can do a warm up jog there and a cool down jog/walk home after. It’s a 24/7 gym which means it’s only staffed for about 4 hours a day. The rest of the time you have to use the fancy-shmancy key card they issue you to get in. I’m 97 ways of excited and I can’t wait for my key cards and Welcome Packet to come in the mail. I also have to schedule a 1 hour session with a trainer so they can assess me and teach me how to use all the equipment. It’s a requirement, I’m sure I already know most of what they’ll tell me. Hopefully I’ll be a full fledged gym goer by Friday.

On the fitness note, I discovered that On Demand has a fitness section where there are a bunch of workouts. I did the Calorie Killer this afternoon, which is a 60 minute workout alternating between 60 second bursts of high intensity cardio exercises and light weight training. I only lasted 45 minutes. Bobby Sinclair totally kicked my bootay.


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Since I started becoming an intuitive eater I’ve realized something so awful about myself that I don’t know what to think…


I’m not hungry in the morning. I don’t like most breakfast foods that much. I’m perfectly fine skipping it 5-6 days a week. So I did the unthinkable. I haven’t ate breakfast in a week. Crazy!

But here’s how I think about it. I get hungry right between 10:45 and 11am every day. That’s lunch time. So if my body doesn’t want any food in the morning, I’m happy to try it. I’m not convinced that you cannot lead a normal lifestyle without eating breakfast.

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Continuing with the intuitive eating, I had an epic burrito from Chipotle for lunch. My Dad and I needed to take some of his pictures over to Cannery Row so we pushed lunch ‘til almost 1pm, I was famished and turning into the scary-grumpy-feisty-monster Maren that my Dad secretly fears.

And for dinner I enjoyed a few glasses of Chardonnay and some thai spicy noodles.

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