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Good Friday : Day of Rest...allegedly

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
It's Good Friday. Whether or not you obseve the holiday - it's a day of rest.  Even the Casino is closed (for half a day, at least).  A day of rest is something every mother should get on board with, religious followings aside.
So there will be no post from me today.  I'm observing the day of rest.
So far I've rested by doing 2 loads of washing, because the twins ripped their nappies off very early in the night - my CSI skills have determined it was 'early' in the night due to the temperature and lividity of the corpses....and you can guess what I'm referring to there.....  Obviously I didn't grab my thermometer to test the temperature, but suffice to say, the 'evidence' was well set.
Ewwww....enough of that talk.
So I've made 2 porta cots.  We're at the #1 Grandparents' house (while they were wise enough to bugger off on a European cruise over the holdiay period), so thankfully there's no back-breaking involved in changing sheets on their usual huge cots at home.
I've also rested by doing four different kinds of breakfast.  Miss5 wants hot cross buns.  Plural.  Because she only eats the raisins/sultanas and the cross bit on top.  So she goes through 2 in order to get her fill.  And yes, I tried to explain to her that I could just give her regular raisins/sultanas instead, so she didn't have to disect and dismember multiple hot cross buns...but it's not the same thing...apparently.

Good Friday : Day of rest...allegedly

A lot like with Muffin's and the much shunned muffin-bottom, nobody in our household wants Miss5's discarded Hot Cross Bun bottoms or sultana/raisin - free carcasses.

This was followed by 2 different kinds of cereal for the twins.  The first kind they adored yesterday, but not today.  Hence the second attempt.
Followed by burnt toast for me, and regular type toast for #1 Hubby.  Mine burnt while I was mid cereal-exchange for the twins.  #1 Hubby came out at this point to evaucate the house because he thought it must be on fire.  His mistake - just the smoky smell from the burnt toast, and perhaps the fire in my eyes from the shitty bloody breakfast so far.
I then rested by cleaning all of this up.
I proceeded to rest by diffusing some sibling tensions over Dora and Spongebob.  Followed by more meltdowns over more Dora and Spongebob (this time, of the DVD variety).
Then I rested over lunch.  Again, multiple options for my FIVE children.  No, I did not "sneeze out" another set of twins.  I'm just counting #1 Hubby and #1 Brother as extra children, since they are as much use on the parenting and domestic front as the children are.
And now, as I've finally sat down....I observe this day of rest by telling you I'm too busy resting to post anything today.
Thank the Vodka Gods for the no red meat ruling on this restful day.  Fish and chips for dinner...which I will be responsible for arranging, picking up, and cleaning up afterwards.   Totally restful conclusion to my day, I expect!
Good Friday : Day of rest...allegedly

Hope you're all enjoying a restful Good Friday of your own, however you choose to observe it.
Personally, I can't wait for it to be over - because Good Friday is followed by a working Saturday for yours truly.  I'm counting down the very seconds until I escape for a day of silent, empty office bliss with my secret love - the Espresso machine.
PS - if, by any remote chance, you are feeling a twang of sympathy for me - could I ask that you interrupt your own restful day by clicking HERE to vote for Parental Parody (on the 3rd page - it's all fancy and alphabetically listed).  You can only vote once, so if you already have, I thank you.  And if you haven't yet voted - I will accept a vote in lieu of Vodka soaked chocolate for Easter.  Thank you very much.

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