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Golf's Dilemma

By Golfrefugees
For most people golf is too slow, too expensive and too difficult.
So this poses the question. How to speed up, cheapen and make golf easy?

With the latest golf equipment buzz spinning around adjustable drivers, where you can alter all manner of angles. Why not go the whole nine yards and include irons? That way you could significantly reduce the number of clubs you need to play golf.

What about clocking on and clocking off with your tee time? If you complete your round more than 30 minutes quicker than allocated time, based upon the average time it takes to complete a round of golf on that particular course. You would receive a green fee reduction. Like wise if you exceed your time by over 30 minutes you’d be charged an additional green fee.

Why not have two holes and pins on every green? That way you double the opportunity of being near the pin with every approach shot. And if you and your golfing partners select a different pin, that would help to speed up putting.

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