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Golf Game Plan for a Round on a True Links Course - Guest Post

By Golfforbeginners

this scene on a true links golf course with a 25 to 30 km predominant cro sswind...let's say, for arguments sake...St. Andrews Links in bonnie Fife, Scotland.

Golf Game Plan for a Round on a True Links Course - guest post

What clubs should you add/take out of your bag for this round of links golf?

This is what you need to do:

Take out of your golf bag (remembering to always keep 14 clubs or fewer at all times) :

Add to your golf bag:

Your entire golf plan for the day will be centred aroundkeeping the ball flight low and reducing spin on the ball.

Take your set-up for the shot on the right of the Tee box. (Left to right wind and vice versa for wind off the other side)

The object is to hit the ball at the left-hand side of the fairway and let the ball drift back to the centre.

On a Reachable Par 4, the plan is similar- aim for the left side of the green and let the ball drift back. Always assess where the hazards are and plan a ccordingly.

NOTE: Bunkers are mostly very penal on a Links!!

Your approach to the green will be different to that of a calm day. (No Lob Wedges)

Take a 6, 7, or 8 iron, hold the golf club slightly down the shaft, and move the ball back of centre in your stance.

Your Target landing area is the front edge or just short of the green, depending on circumstances

Chipping Tips:

On this kind of day, you will miss many greens due to the wind, and therefore this is where you can save your score!!

Object is to get the ball on the ground ASAP to negate the wind's influence.

Putting Tips:

your stance, make sure you are Widen balanced and set your putter. Remember, the wind will have an effect on theball speed and roll, so establish a few factors:

Select your line (pick up a mark on the green where you want the ball to start out and set the putter for this target)

Putting tip for all conditions on a long putt - Imagine the hole size to be that of a 2 foot drum and try to get the ball inside this every time. RESULT: NO 3 PUTTS!! In Summary:

Playing links, or any other course for that matter, requires a pre-round plan and thought process before and on the golf course.

Your chipping will MAKEor BREAK your round. So do as the Pros do and practice your chipping and putting regularly.

A final thought to playing Golf in windy conditions:

DO NOT TRY TO HIT THE COVER OFF THE BALL. This will only add spin and miss directed shots. GUEST BIO: Joel Steenekamp has played golf for over 45 years and participated at Top Class Representative level in As a previous co-owner of one of the largest golf retail businesses in SA, he enjoys sharing Joel believes in keeping Instruction Simple. (KISS). The Website is in Development. His latest venture, Golf and Wildlife Experiences, a tour business with a Difference, in SA, has been stalled, due to COVID 19. his Vast Knowledge and Expertise, with Beginners and Accomplished golfers alike. South Africa.(current handicap index of 4.5 @ 71 years of age).

Photo: By Chris, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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