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GOLDEN GLOBESSSSSSS...don't Play Me Off...there's a Lot...

Posted on the 13 January 2014 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

GOLDEN GLOBESSSSSSS...don't play me off...there's a lot...
The answer to Friday's Trivia Question was: Chris Pratt and Emily Van Camp both starred in Everwood!
First Fives:Elke Raskob, John Romeo, Mike O'Dea, He Who Shall Not Be Named & Allison Shapiro
Honorable Mention: Caryn Vitolo
Bonus Trivia Question: Patton Oswalt's very first acting role was on SEINFELD!!!

Thursday's Broadcast Top 5 The Big Bang Theory-CBS 5.6/20.0
The Millers-CBS 3.3/13.6
The Crazy Ones-CBS 2.4/9.6
Two and a Half Men-CBS 2.4/9.4
Elementary-CBS 2.0/9.8
Thursday's Cable Top 5
Pawn Stars-History 1.4/4.8
NBA Basketball-TNT 1.2/3.1
Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.1/2.4
Appalachian Outlaws-History .8/2.7
American Dad-Adult Swim .8/1.9
Thursday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings

Mob Wives-VH1 20,400 Tweets
Community-NBC 18200 Tweets
Parks and Recreation-NBC 14,000 Tweets The Pro-Football Hall of Fame -NFL Network 11,700 Tweets
The Spoils of Babylon-IFC 4,800 Tweets
Friday's Broadcast Top 5 Shark Tank-ABC 2.1/7.3
20/20-ABC 1.7/6.7
Hawaii Five-0-CBS 1.5/10.4
Last Man Standing-ABC 1.5/7.1
Bones-FOX 1.5/6.7
Friday's Cable Top 5 NA
Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings WWE Friday Night Smackdown-Syfy 31,700 Tweets Oprah's Lifeclass-OWN 15,400 Tweets The Carrie Diaries-9,000 Tweets Fashion Police-E! 2,700 Tweets Arsenio Hall-Syndicated 1,400 Tweets
Late Night Ratings for the Week of 12/30/13-1/3/14 Leno .7/3.0 Letterman .6/2.7 Kimmel.5/2.1 Fallon .5/1.6 Ferguson .4/1.2 Conan .4/.8 Nightline .3/1.4 Carson Daly .3/.8
Golden Globes - E! Red Carpet Coverage 

  • Before any of the big stars arrived there was a big red mess on the red carpet. A sprinkler accidentally burst, flooding the place. I watched as workers sopped up the mess. That's how dedicated a reporter I am. I actually watched people mop.
  • Giuliana's dress looked like she got it from the US Figure skating woman's champion, but she was also wearing some really expensive ice...a 1.8MM diamond ring that was so big, Ashley Wagner could have actually done a triple axle on it. 
  • Kelly Osbourne looked really good to me. She still has that lavender hair but I'm used to it now. I kept thinking that those metal things on her shoulders were the logo Prince used when he was the artist formally known as Prince
  • Hayden Panatierre's hair looked like the sprinklers got her, but I LOVED her dress
  • I didn't know that Kevin Spacey produced Captain Phillips, did you? Kevin told Ryan Seacrest that he wrote a letter to Woody Allen and gave him a Netflix subscription so he could see his work with hope of a starring role in his next film
  • Tatiana Maslany's dress was awesome. If you haven't watched Orphan Black yet, you really need to  
  • Sarah Hyland's eyebrows looked way too thick and she was going with a Sound of Music look. She said it was Valentino runway inspired, but I say it was Fraulein Maria inspired
  • Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber were both in Tom Ford and looking lovely and annoyed that they had to leave NYC
  • I didn't like Zooey Dechanel's dress but Kelly and Ross were apoplectic over it. This time I think I was right
  • The chick from 12 Years a Slave, Lupita Nyong'o looked breathtaking in a red Ralph Lauren GORGEOUS dress.  
  • Could Lena Dunham look any worse? YELLOW? REALLY? 
  • I wonder if all the Mad Men peeps are surprised that the breakout star of their show is Elizabeth Moss 
  • Margot Robbie from Wolf of Wall Street couldn't possibly have been wearing any underwear at all and I got the feeling Giulana was trying to set her up with Ryan Seacrest. Did you catch that?
  • Robin Wright and her new fiance, Ben Foster, made their debut. He's 15 years younger than her and he sort of looks like Sean Penn to me. 
  • The only thing I liked about Amy Adams dress was that it was red
  • Isn't it SO weird seeing Bryan Cranston with hair? 
  • Kaley Cuoco has officially changed her name to Kaley Cuoco Sweeting. Dress wasn't my thing at all
  • Emilia Clarke, Khaleesi, Queen of Dragons, is almost unrecognizable with dark hair. I guess that's a good thing for her, right?  She can still go food shopping and to the dry cleaners without the US Magazine folks following her and putting her in the "Stars....they're just like us" section
  • Glad to see Jonah Hill's keeping the weight off 
  • I loved the color of Taylor Schlling's dress, but I just think that she should always be wearing orange
  • Kerry Washington's SO having a girl and she OF COURSE was wearing Olivia Pope white!
  • Julianna Marguiles looked stunning, I loved her hair to the side.
  • All of U2 were at the Globes for their song from Mandela and Bono, who is 53 years old looked damn good, the whole band looked damn good. 
  • Cate Blanchett looked very old. I didn't love her dress, but she did look very movie starrish and sort of regal
  • Leonardo Dicaprio is HOTTTTTTT
  • Bradley Cooper had toooo much bronzer on way too much bronzer which was a trend among the men it seems
  • Jared Leto tied that hair back, threw on the tux and got on the red carpet. He was rocking it out on the Ellen show on Friday and then put the serious actor look together for the Globes on Sunday
  • Olivia Wilde's having a boy, mark my words
  • Of course Julia Louis Dreyfus looked amazing in red. I saw Enough Said over the weekend and she was SO good in it.
  • Jennifer Lawrence looked stunning from the neck up, her dress looked like when you make a tie dye t-shirt and you use rubber bands
  • Drew Barrymore looked hideous in that dress. The face and hair was fine but the weeping willow dress had to go. She ties with Lena Dunham for worst dress
  • Julia Roberts looked like she tucked her gap button down into her dress. It looked like as soon as she was done with the show she was going to take the dress off and milk a cow or something
  • Taylor Swift says everyone's her best friend. EVERYONE is her best friend. Not sure how she has time for her BF's but okay, if she says so. 
  • My FBFF looked very handsome, I didn't see wifey, but maybe she was home with Winnie.
  • Emma Roberts looked like a mannnn baby!
  • Ryan Seacrest must be taking Qualudes or something (Wolf of Wall Street reference) he kept getting names wrong. Chris PRINE? NO RYAN...Pine...Pine 
  • Zoey Saldana's an idiot
  • Sofia Vergara always, always looks perfect
  • Mila Kunis...hmmmm nothing...I feel nothing

Golden Globe Awards

  • Amy and Tina changed outfits and hair between the red carpet and their monolog. I liked the show dresses and hair better than the carpet dresses and hair. Their entire monolog rocked, they kicked ASS across the board!  My opening faves: Reese and Julia (in the film section), the George Clooney joke was great what a bummer he wasn't there to appreciate it, but I know even he would have loved it. The guy from Captain Phillips was a limo driver from Minnesota. Who knew? LOVED the Matthew McConaghey joke and BTW...he too was wearing too much bronzer. If you looked around throughout the show, most of the men were wearing way too much bronzer.
  • What was with everyone taking SOOOOOO long to get to the stage. Party planner...you're fired 
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE/COMEDY: Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle) if you didn't see my comment about her dress above, then I will reiterate...it looked like a t-shirt you're going to tie-dye using the rubber band method
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS TV: Jaqueline Bissett for Dancing on the Edge. DAMN I wanted Monica Porter to win. The category is ridiculous. Jaqueline needed to take a bus to get to the stage, she was sitting so far away, and then, I don't know if she was drunk or shocked or what but she couldn't get it together at all. She was a hot mess. 
  • Big Mark Ruffalo fan.  If you haven't seen the movie ADORE with Naomi Watts and Robin Wright...see it. 
  • BEST MINI SERIES: Behind the Candelabra. Was that Beethoven up there with Jerry Weintraub?
  • BEST ACTRESS IN A MINI SERIES OR TV MOVIE: Elizabeth Moss (Top of the Lake) Did she have to start  her accpetance speech with a "Holy Sh*t?" Proof positive that actors are nothing without writers
  • Matt Damon, the garbage man, forgot his glasses, but did a great job winging it. Guess he can do okay without writers unlike Elizabeth Moss.
  • Gwyneth and Chris alert. First Hawaii and now TOGETHER at the Globes...twice in the same month.
  • Jonah and Margot had the wrong cue cards and good for Jonah, kept it real and called it out big time so everyone knew they weren't idiots
  • Paula Patton must have had a hard time in the ladies room with that ridiculously unpractical dress. 
  • BEST ACTOR IN A TV SERIES DRAMA: No Brainer-Bryan Cranston. OF COURSE!
  • Everyone is sitting SOOOO Far from the stage! SOOO ANNOYING
  • OMG the real Philomena Lee! Great movie!
  • Kate Beckinsale's gorgeous. How does Sean, PDiddy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, Daddy Combs get invited to this stuff all the time?
  • BEST SCORE IN A MOTION PICTURE: Alex Ebert for All is Lost. What's going on with the hair? He must be someone, if he's partying on a boat in St. Bart's with Diddy. Let me think about this: "Even a deft pen is a clumsy tool" WTF does that mean?
  • If we're not feeling good, I'm pretty sure Diddy'll get us some Cristal. Let it flooowwww Diddy
  • BEST ORIGINAL SONG IN A MOTION PICTURE: U2...damn it, I wanted to see Gwyneth and Chris. How does one decide to wear purple sunglasses when they are putting their ensemble together? Bono of course can get away with it...he's Bono damn it, but I"m just curious.
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR TV: Tough category- SHOCKER! Jon Voight! Aaron Paul was soooo gypppped! Jon Voight is 75 years old...do you think that was a dig at Angelina when he mentioned his family?
  • Don't you love Robert Downey Jr? 
  • BEST ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE: Amy Adams beat out Meryl Streep? WTF 
  • Kyra and Kevin...and Sosie!!! Sosie's gorgeous! 
  • BEST ACTRESS IN A TV DRAMA: Robin Wright (See her in that movie with Naomi Watts, Adore and if you don't, then and only then should you watch House of Cards...WATCH IT) We got to see Robin's boob tape which was exciting. BUT...Tatiana should have won.  
  • Jim Carrey's back in town, we've missed you Jim. 
  • BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE: Jared Leto YEAHHHHHHHHH I LOVE HIMMMMMMMMM. You need to see Dallas Buyers Club and then watch the Closer to the Edge video to understand how insanely talented Jared is.
  • Emma Thompson's shoes were off and flying and she seemed a bit bombed, but she looked good and was hilarious
  • BEST SCREENPLAY: Spike Jonze for HER...see it, then help me with it. 
  • Laura Dern needs to eat something
  • Julie Bowen and Seth Meyers were cute
  • BEST ACTOR TV SERIES COMEDY: Andy Samberg...maybe I need to watch Brooklynn 99 again?
  • Love when they go to commercial and we see who's talking to who. Does NBC have a cam online that we can see all that action? I didn't check. Note to self on that for next year. Did you see Matt and Ben discussing who's sleeping over who's house tonight...awww
  • Hate Zoe Saldana and hate her dress too
  • BEST FOREIGN FILM: The Great Beauty
  • FBFF and Melissa as Matt Damon ehhh - not that funny
  • BEST ACTOR IN A TV MINI SERIES OR MOVIE: Michael Douglas (Behind the Candelabra) Michael looked good, didn't see CZJ anywhere but he did thank her so that might mean that their therapist is still on the payroll. 
  • Emma Watson's dress was way cooler when you saw it from the back
  • Colin Farrel's HOT and was awesome in Saving Mr. Banks
  • Bono massaging Amy Poehler during her categeory but then making out with him when she won...priceless
  • Diane Keaton in her Annie Hall garb, looking good with something blue and weird on her finger nails showed up in person to pay tribute and accept Woody Allen's award. It should be a rule that you have to show up or you don't get it. I can't imagine he liked that friendship song. Oy vey I sort of got doosh chills from her. 
  • FYI, no joke, Mia Farrow tweeted right before the Woody section that she was grabbing some ice cream and switching channels to watch Girls 
  •  Bennnn...I love Ben and he looked GOOD and seemed to have taken some Spanish classes in order to say Alphonso's Cuaron's name with the right accent
  • BEST DIRECTOR OF A MOTION PICTURE: Alphonso Cuaron for Gravity
  • Funny...herpes/earpiece just like Oprah/Uma 
  • Sosie Bacon's pretty touchy feely with all the celebs, did you notice that?
  • Uma looked good. Haven't seen her in a while
  • BEST TV SERIES COMEDY/MUSICAL: Brooklyn 99 WHAT??? How can that possibly be? Setting the DVR now. Could I have been so wrong?
  • Tie Dye girl's back...
  • BEST ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE COMEDY: YEAHHH LEONARDO DICAPRIO!!!!!! Love Joaquin's standing O for Leo. Also Leo's comment about the category.
  • Reese's dress looked beautiful as did she. Sooo serious right? 
  • Chris Hemsworth and Nicky Lauda made my husband happy...he's probably the only one who knew who Nicky Lauda was. 
  • OYYYY I hate not loving what Drew Barrymore's wearing, she also needed to blot a bit. She was VERY shiny. All those hormones can cause excessive oilyness
  • BEST MOTION PICTURE COMEDY: American Hustle WOW...it's SO not a comedy. 
  • BEST LINE OF THE THE NIGHT: "Like a super model's vagina, lets give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio" BRILLIANT GIRLS...BRILLIANT
  • BEST ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE DRAMA: Philomenia? Philomena Leo...to many shots I'm sure. Cate Blanchett 
  • BEST ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE DRAMA: Matthew McConaghey Alright, alright, alright! 
  • Johnny Depp's a blond now. Doesn't work for me sorry, Dana Moscato.
  • BEST MOTION PICTURE DRAMA: 12 Years a Slave. I'm exhausted

-How does a show get cancelled after just 2 episodes? ABC's programming/development team must have seen a ton of pilots, had a ton of meetings on which ones went to series and when to launch them and The Assets lasted just 2 airings. How does that happen? Maybe go with the Amazon Prime approach...let America (or me) help you choose!  No idea how much time and money was spent to greenlight The Assets, but I'm betting too much. Someone needs to film a show about the making of a show...how it gets picked up, cast etc. I mean we all would love that. THATS THE SHOW...get it?
-Everyone's getting out their Superbowl stuff. Getting ready for the big game, ordering their food, planning the parties etc. The networks are no different. Animal Planet's got Puppy Bowl . The Hallmark Channel now has Kitten Bowl and now Nat Geo Wild announced the Fish Bowl. CBS is airing an interactive countdown special where viewers can vote for their favorite Super Bowl Commercials. http://www.cbs.com/superbowl/commercials/  Here in the Tri-State area,  I can now buy Super Bowl hats, t-shirts, shot glasses and napkins at CVS, Shop Rite and Target. It's getting crazy and we're 3 weeks out.  More to come I'm sure.
-For any of you guys that have been reading this blog for a while now, you know that when Kelly Ripa was searching for a new co-host, I used to blog about the show all the time. I still DVR it but I don't watch EVERY day, it all depends on the guests. If you recall though, I used to freak the F out about how awful Kelly's clothes were. To be honest, in general they aren't much better, but when she's good, I gotta give the shout out. It's only fair. On Friday's show, Kelly wore a great sweater. I loved it so much that I contacted my buddy at ABC to find out where I could get it. So Kelly Ripa and Kelly's stylist, finally...a thumbs UP.
-Sundance has confirmed that they'll be running the second season of the super weird, super creepy show, The Returned. I guess that's good news right? I won't be watching season two, but good for all of you that will be.  Also coming back is the second season of The Writers Room which was pretty good.
-I really want to watch HitRecord on Pivot, January 18th, because one of my current faves, Joseph Gordon Levitt is producing and starring in it, but unfortunately, Cablevision aka Optimum, doesn't have Pivot yet in its lineup.  I'm guessing it'll be available online though. Pivot's already renewed the show for a second season, I hope I think it's as good as Pivot thinks it is.
-HBO's making the first 2 episodes of Girls season three available for FREE on YouTube today.  Pretty cool of them and pretty smart at connecting where I'm betting most of the shows fan base views the show.
Monday's Trivia Question: What TV show did Golden Globe winner Leonardo DiCaprio first get our attention and what was his character's name 

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