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Going in a New Direction…

By The Dating Diaries @The_DatingDiaries


Heres an update:

I’ve distanced myself from my  All American Bad Boy making it clear that he can’t have his cake and eat it too. And as a result, he has become the sweetest guy. He just moved into the sweet lake house w jet skies, a boat, and all sort of fun stuff so he is constantly inviting me. I have a friend in town from Baltimore who has never been to Charlotte so I decided maybe it would be a good idea to show her a good time on the lake. Plus she could give me an outside opinion on the situation between Mr. Bad Boy and I.

We get to his house with his fun roommates and go all college style. They are beer ponging beers and playing music while everyone is getting ready because we are taking the boat to Rusty Rudder for a fun night. Mr. Bad boy and I are catching up and he is acting really sweet…we were actually connecting. So we are all taking shots and drinking drinks at the bar and next thing I know….bye bye Blakely = blackout.

I don’t remember getting home but I remember hanging out on the beach by the lake and suddenly getting really sleepy. And when I get to that point of “passing out” due to alcohol I just like to take my clothes off and have sex or take my clothes out and sleep. So I go and get in his bed and take my dress off hoping he would follow. Ive missed him.

I wake up at 4 am and I open my eyes…OH MY GOD why is his roommate in bed with me… naked!! I immediately say “why are you in *********’s bed???” And suddenly I look around and I realize I am in the wrong room. I immediately grab my boobs and my dress and run across the hall to his room. Thank God his roommate still had his clothes on or else this would have been even worse!! I told him what happened and tried to make up for it if you know what I mean… but he turned me down, flipped me over and cuddled me until we fell asleep.

Waking up the next morning I still felt embarrassed about it so I surprised him with some morning head. He forgave me to save the least.

I leave and go about my day and I receive a text “Lets hangout again soon! I love when we go out together!!! Or just chill or anything…”

OR ANYTHING? what the hell does that mean? ohh goodness…

Meanwhile my “outside opinion” from my friend was “he is so into you and loves you!!”

ohh boy….doesn’t help that I’ve already met another guy that I like….



Going in a new direction…

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