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God And The Power Of His Love

By Vall444
God And The Power Of His Love
God is omnipotent and all-mighty. His unconditional Love spreads down on us to make us keep going and give us strength to overcome and endure the hardships in life. We face different challenges every single day in our journey to wisdom and knowledge. That is in fact the meaning of life-to come out stronger and wiser in the end. Challenges and tests that we have been put through are a blessing. At times we feel things get out of control but we should just get a grip and resort to God for His guidance and support.My Love for God knows no boundaries. I also try to learn how to love other people unconditionally as God loves us all.  Sometimes when the burden of  life seems to be unbearable we ask ourselves why God tests us this way. The answer is very simple: these are lessons we need to learn. Without them we would not reach self-improvement and spiritual development. So I am grateful for everything-both the joy and the hardship. I do not regret anything that has happened to me for it made me the person I am now.In my life I have had two very difficult moments so far-the first one was when I lost both of my parents and since I am a single child I felt like the most lonesome person in the world. The second one was when I got jobless and penniless at the same time. I was desperately looking for a job but all of my attempts to earn a living proved to be in vain. I felt like a total failure. Anyway, I kept praying to God for His benevolence and His help and things finally worked out for me. I realized there were people living in worse conditions than me, people suffering from poverty, maladies, and greater loss who never give up. I wrote this article led by emotion and love, trying to give you some food for thought on our inner connection with God and each other. I hope you all discover the strength and courage that lie within you. God bless you all.
God And The Power Of His Love

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