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Go Big and Don’t Go Back: Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Galaxy Note II

Posted on the 15 May 2013 by Visakh1234
Samsung has released the freshest and the most powerful smartphone to date which is the Samsung Galaxy S4. With the new features that Samsung has showcased the followers for the new phone, buyers and users will really get confused of what they are going to have. Should they pick the Galaxy Note 2 which was released last year or settle with the newer model which they haven’t even get to navigate with.
So, as the person who got 4 Galaxy Note II and 3 Galaxy S4, I am confident that I am the best person to give the differences between the two phones. Go Big and Don’t Go Back: Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy  Note II
Typing Experience Typing on the Galaxy Note II is easier and probably because it gives you less arthritis: for those of you who get older like myself, it is like the difference between sitting on the bar chair and the lounge chair all day long. When I type on my Note II for hours, my hands don’t get tired. But anything smaller like, the S4, my hands start cramping up and I just can’t type anymore.
Endurance The battery life of the Galaxy Note II is excellent. I can go a full day of browsing the web, watching Youtube videos and listening to Pandora for hours and I still have near 50% of battery life at the end of the day.  Usually, the Note II gets me 2 full days on my usage and more on some days. Adding external charger and 3 more batteries, then you can go camping for weeks without charging your phone. On the other hand, the Galaxy S4 has bigger battery than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and sure that it lasts longer than the latter, but it never gets me a full day performance just like the Note II can. The 3100 mAh battery on the Note II means that it has 600 mAh more capacity than the S4 so, 1000 mAh capacity more than the S3.  The Galaxy S4 does well close to a full day battery life performance, but at the end of the day, if I had to choose a phone without carrying another extra battery, it would be the Note II.
Resolution Screen on the Galaxy S4 is impressive. It’s a full 1080 pixel HD screen with no hints of dithering, even when viewing with a magnifying glass. Seriously, if you are going to look at the two phones together on the 18 inches distance, you will see no difference. The Galaxy S4 looks a tad sharper than the Note II at anything, at all. Also, if you are viewing your phone farther than 2 or 3 feet, the massive Note II will be easier to see due to its bigger screen over the S4. I sometimes watch my Netflix in my car on my car phone holder, the Galaxy Note II looks actually better than the Galaxy S4 without having to hold both phones close to me.
Multi-tasking Capacity Another point is the multi-window capability for multi-tasking which is available for both phones. The bigger phone which is the Note II is designed to this multi-window as it was Samsung’s first smartphone to ship with this feature, whereas the S4 has it as a software add-on. You know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 1080 pixel resolution helps greatly? But there is a huge difference between having more screens on a real state versus the resolution. If you enjoy the multi-window feature, definitely, you are going to love the experience on the Note II over the S4. What about taking the notes and drawing on the phone? Note II’s S pen capability is extremely nice for jotting down notes during the call, having your kids draw something on it or when you run out of paper. In this department, the Note II wins without a doubt with 1024 pressure point-digital pen, which is one of the main reasons why I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note II.
Functionality As for performance, the Note II is still well equipped with a 1.6 ghz quad-core Exynos processor versus the 1.6 ghz octa-core or 1.9 ghz quad-core Qualcomm for the S4. The first one is not as fast as the latter, but the Note II has certainly never been slow in running any apps. I have my Note II and I haven’t had any complaints on the functionality.  
Conclusion To put it in one sense, the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are two different animals just like me and my dog back home. So, should you buy the all new Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Note II? If you are undecided of whether you buy the bigger one over the s4 or if you are pondering whether you upgrade your phone from the Note II going to the S4, well, the answer is pretty simple. You need a large screen for easy typing, using the phone as a portable media player, writing and drawing notes with the digital pen or want to go full day without having to change the battery of your phones? Definitely, the Note II is the answer. However, if you have tiny hands or used to typing in a smaller screen and you want the lightest and slimmest phone in the market with the fastest processor and some awesome features, definitely the S4 is your best friend. Personally though, the Note II is my preferred phone driver for my everyday use because I believe that once you go big, you can’t go back. Enjoy!
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