Glowing Orbs in Pictures

Posted on the 11 January 2014 by Vall444
Glowing orbs in picturesSpots on the photo of the fire dancers
Dusty lens defect or energy beings from parallel worlds?
I first encountered this phenomenon a few years ago at Easter time. My family and I were on a trip to Dubrovnik. Christian tradition obliges us to enter the Orthodox Church in the city to leave a red egg there and light up a candle. Imagine our surprise when we saw that on the photos taken by our digital camera the icon "Last Supper" was illuminated by a white glowing orb right above the head of Christ. We soon took a few more pictures from the same place, with the same apparatus, but this effect did not reoccur.  My decision to write about these mysterious spots is inspired by other personal stories from readers. I send you some pictures taken with different cameras, which clearly show out the bright spherical spots. I talked to professional photographers that find no explanation for it, except that it is not due to a defect in the camera.
When checking on the internet I found that there are similar pictures, but with no plausible explanation. I'd be interested to know your opinion about them.
I believe that there are still phenomena unexplained by science.
I read a lot about new discoveries of quantum mechanics and physics, which I would love to learn more about. I'm interested in topics related to energy and subtle worlds. I assure you that the photos are authentic.
"All images were taken with the same cell phone model" Sony Ericsson - 3.2 megapixels. Some experienced photographers say that if you probably keep the cell phone in your bag dirty and scratched by items like keys you might get many smears and stains on your photos.
The first thing my husband thought when we saw the energy fields was that the camera phone was dirty. Therefore we started shooting with digital cameras...first "Olympus" 5 megapixels, but the same glowing spheres reappeared, so our surprise was greater!A few months ago I bought a new camera "Canon" 10 megapixels, I assure you that there appeared the same bright glowing spheres. Furthermore my friends also have photos with similar areas.Glowing orbs in picturesIvaylo HristovIf the camera on the cell phone is dirty, probably there will always appear such balls, but now as we continue to shoot with the same cell phone they do not always appear. The new apparatus "Canon" also always shoots them. Photographs taken ​​with 3 different camera have these spots on them , so I suppose this could not be pollution. Moreover these fields have a perfect round shape. If these are spots of contamination they should not be so identical on each picture, and it is very doubtful several cameras to be contaminated.I'll be glad if there are published similar stories, then perhaps we be able to explain these things. In fact the explanation that the stains are caused by contaminated apparatus is not related to the photo of the church, as the unit was new, and the church - spotless.A few months later we received a new signal in three pictures, probably everyone has seen similar circles in the pictures, but everyone asks himself what they are and what they represent.Maybe it is called prana.Maybe. Or maybe someone knows something else.  I noticed a picture of a vest knitted by Vanga, where the circle is so sparkling blue.
Glowing orbs in picturesIvaylo Hristov shows a photograph of a vest knitted from Vanga.
 And it is similar to the circles in the basement next to the Great Pyramid and on the photographs of dancers in Strandja. The entire frame is filled with strange stains, amazing glowing balls. According to expert opinions the phenomenon is well known, it's called "Flair" and it is due to a direct hit on the light side of the objective lens. For further information specialists recommend these sites: / tutorials / lens-flare.htmBut does that answer our questions?   Most pictures have orbs different than on these recommended sites. The strange spots have a structure unlike the so-called Flaherty one. Moreover aberration usually occurs at daylight, while our magic glowing spheres often appear at night. Also curious is the fact that the white orbs appear at holy, mystical places!Are these orbs Doors to other worlds? Could these spots be higher beings of the invisible world, saints or angels according to different religions. Maybe they are among us, to help us, though we do not see them?The ashram of the famous spiritual leader Sai Baba in India are adamant that the lights in the pictures are the souls of the highly developed spirits that have come to the earth to help the transition, which is currently being implemented. One night, during her stay in the ashram a woman saw a crowd of pilgrims flow to a certain dark place to photograph and enjoy. She grabbed her camera and ran to the dark parking lot. Each picture appeared to have bright spots.They "came" exactly on the day Sai Baba directed his blessing to the people. Similar things happen very rarely the Indian teacher says.The next day the woman was back to the same parking lot at the same time. But This time the pictures were crystal clear - without any trace of the bright points.
Glowing orbs in pictures

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