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Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Singcolinquisitor @lexuzinquisitor

HEY! when I wake up this morning, I was really worried. The Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2001 is getting nearer. It would be on the 29th of this month, actually this week. I really had the hard time figuring out what should I write about it since this would by my first time to take part, and I am one of the organizers being a member of the Iligan Bloggers Society Inc., who will host the event.
I am just so excited to meet bloggers from different part of Mindanao even the different personalities who would take part as our speakers and sponsors. Speaking of speakers, we are expecting some personalities coming from the rank of advocates of  the environment, and the academe.
As I was having a hard time looking for a possible write up for the up-coming event, when I was opening my email this morning I happened to stumble on this campaign ad in yahoo mail portal ^^
Globe is one of our sponsors and we are happy that they are one of those companies who respond positively to the call of nature. Citing the fact that our theme for this event is dedicated to our Mother Nature, "One Green Mindanao: Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle." This ad is about leadership, which is crucial to everyone. What it takes to be a leader? and how to be an effective leader?
Our present world leaders somehow neglect and even ignore our Mother Nature. They have been prioritizing their self political interest. Otherwise, there will be no climate change which is responsible for every disaster that the humanities have been suffering.
Curious to know what kind of leader I am being a graduate of AB Political Science and presently a student of Business Management, I tried answering the leadership quiz. Basically, it has seven situational questions of which in each questions, it has their own choices that would best describe what you should do in each situation. After you answer the set of questions, you will have the chance to personalize the result of the quiz by browsing your photo and lay-outing it on the image provided. Then, click the view quiz result. A video campaign will be shown for about 47 seconds, where you can share it through Facebook or Twitter. It was a video depicting how famous leaders of the history act when confronted unexpected turn-out of events and the difference when using Globe Business. After the video showing, you can then click show quiz result then you will prompted to post it in your wall.
Here is my result!
My result says, "I run my business like Napoleon Bonaparte." Hmmm...I wonder then how was Napoleon Bonaparte being a leader and it brings me up some past memories during my Political Science days. Further, the result says, that I held dominion over most of Europe, instituted incredible reforms for the people I conquered, and were called emperor! And as a result of all this, history will most remember me for how short I am?....weehhhh!  How come? I am not short! I want to be remember better than that!
Well communication is central to managing workforce. Poor communication will result to misunderstanding and mistrust. To improve your communication and become a better leader here are some of Globe Business products that may be helpful for you and for me^^
After this page, just click next and you will be redirected to the raffle coupon page where you can have a chance to win a Blackberry Bold or a Prepaid Home Kit.
Here are the Promo Mechanics
1. Like the Globe Business Fan Page at Take the Globe Business Leader Quiz and fill out the contact form.3. Share your Globe Business Leader Quiz Results or the Leader Quiz link on your Facebook wall.
Click here to view the full mechanics.
On the one hand, if you are interested to avail some of their product, while you are in the page just like the photo shown above, just navigate the page,  for example, you are interested to have a plan; therefore, you click Business Plus! By doing so I was prompted to this page.
Step 1.
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Basically, after following these four steps, you will be able to come up with your personalized plan with Globe products. By selecting from the different choices of how much you wanna pay per month and what kind of phone or device you would like to be using. At the end of the process you will come up with the amount you personally which you are going to pay every month. Isn't that convenient and amazing?
When I have enough resources in the future, I know now where to go...^^ but right now I wanna win on that raffle first!
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