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Glimpse at the Lady Cave.

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
Glimpse at the lady cave.{my small yet wonderful perfume, magazine, and accessory collection}

Yesterday I stood back and looked at my poorly organized lady cave. My boyfriend and I have been living in our new townhouse for six months now and I've still yet to design, decorate, and furnish my lady cave. I fully plan on purchasing a rug, a large mirror, two small coffee tables, a few vintage chairs, and a bar cart. I want a place that feels serene yet modern and inspiring. When I look at it now its simply a reminder of how lazy I've been. Although I will say, its insane how costly styling a lady cave can be. I'm trying to be smart about my purchases by checking Amazon or local vintage stores. I'm hoping I can snag some killer old pieces that I can spruce up a bit!

Glimpse at the lady cave.

{clothing rack for my favorite pieces (above) and a gold skull to add a bit of my love for horror (below)}

Glimpse at the lady cave.

My computer desk is a place I like to sit when I REALLY need to get stuff done. Otherwise you'll find me sitting at our dinning room table surrounded by flowers and natural light. Over the hectic last six months I've sadly allowed items to pile up onto my computer desk. Upon seeing it I instantly feel cluttered and claustrophobic. This needs to change asap! I have a stylist friend out here in the desert who has impeccable taste. I'm contemplating paying her to come to my house to help me collaborate on some ideas to decorate this space. I find that it is always worth it to get a professional involved. 

Is it really easy to start decorating? Have I really just been putting this off or far too long?

Xx- SN

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