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Glee Stunk, The American's Was Decent and Joy's Leaving!

Posted on the 08 March 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

Glee stunk, The American's was decent and Joy's leaving!
The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: David & Maddie=Moonlighting, Kimberly and Michael=Melrose Place, and Tami & Eric=Friday Night Lights

FIRST FIVES:  Ed Ziskind, He Who Shall Not Be Named, Allison Shapiro, Phyllis DiCesare & Jen Ragusa Honorable Mention: Larry Goldberg Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5 American Idol-FOX 3.7/12.7

Survivor-CBS 2.5/9.3
Modern Family-ABC 2.0/6.1
Criminal Minds-CBS 1.7/7.2
Neighbors-ABC 1.7/5.6

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 American Idol-FOX 288,959

Survivor-CBS 51,203
Suburgatory-ABC 35,779
The Neighbors-ABC 24,593
Criminal Minds-CBS 19,291

Wednesday's Cable Top 5 Duck Dynasty-A&E 3.6/8.1

The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.4/3.0
American Dad-Adult Swim .9/2.0
Psych-USA .9/2.8
Full Throttle Saloon-Tru .8/1.8 Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5
Duck Dynasty-A&E 325,599
Workaholics-Comedy Central 107,488
NHL Hockey-NBC Sports 67,373
NBA Basketball-ESPN 65,317
Psych-USA 32,574 Late Night Ratings for the week of  Leno.8/3.4 The Daily Show.8/1.7 Kimmel .7/2.5 Letterman .6/2.9   Colbert .6/1.4 Fallon .4/1.7 Conan .4/.8 Nightline .4/1.5 Ferguson .4/1.5 Carson.2/.8
Early Morning Ratings for the week of 2/25/13-3/1/13 GMA-1.9/2.2 Today Show-1.7/2.0 CBS This Morning-.9/1.0
I had a bunch of paperwork to do last night and was only able to watch Glee and The Americans in between the Knicks/Thunder game.
I gotta be honest, Glee's 500th song/tribute to the movies episode stunk. Who was in charge of picking the songs? Whoever it was really missed the mark in my opinion. With all of the great songs from movies, these are the ones they chose? Do they know who their audience is?  I'd always heard of Fred Astaire's dancing on the ceiling, but I had no idea what movie it was from and had to Google that one. (Royal Wedding for anyone who cares).  "Shout" from Animal House...okay. Moulin Rouge? I guess.  The Tom Cruise tribute wasn't that bad, "Danger Zone/Old Time Rock-N-Roll" had half the guys in flight suits and the other half in white button downs and  tidy whitey's... okay that one was decent.  Hated the entire "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend/Material Girl" mashup and really hated the attempt at "Unchained Melody" in the ceramics room that nobody's EVER entered before.  The only good part was when Mr. Shu tracked down Emma and pulled a Lloyd Dobler,  with an old boom box and used the "In Your Eyes"/Say Anything bit to win her back. Other than the songs, Rachel's still preggers, Blaine's still pining for Kurt, Mr Shu and Emma are starting all over again, Marlie told Jake about the kiss, and Finn followed suit. Santana found Brody's pager and his wad of cash and came to the conclusion that he's a drug dealer.  All of this didn't thrill me at all and then when my son asked me what a pager was, I was done.  Last week it was "who is Prince?" tonight..."what's a pager?" shoot me.
The Americans was really good this week. Still not so much 80's stuff, but the spy stuff was pretty intense. There's a mole on the Russian side, which we knew about , but everyone became a suspect. Right off the bat Phillip got kidnapped and I thought the jig was up.  They knew everything about him, took off his glasses and his horrible, cheap wig and beat the crap out of him. (but he had no bruises or cuts to the face which was weird)  He gave up nothing. Then they brought in Felicity and still nothing. Just as I thought their FBI/Neighbor guy was going to walk in, it turned out to be their own people testing them.  Well that didn't sit well with Felicity she beat the crap out of the old lady (mainly her face so maybe the makeup budget was used up on her???) and they got the F outta there.  In the mean time their kids were left stranded at the mall and attempted to hitch hike home (which was more of a 60's/70's thing than an 80's thing, but I digress) and of course the guy they chose to go with was a freak.  I guess they don't have their parents spy like instincts.  The FBI guy, via his mole, set up the Russian guy and he was put on a plane and sent back to Siberia or wherever they send traitors.  I'm still in on this one.  It's not all there but I'm still in.  I want Felicity to stick around. I've missed her. NEWS & INFORMATION:

-After 16 years, Joy Behar is leaving The View.  16 years sitting around with those yenta's, is an incredible accomplishment. I can't believe she lasted that long. Joy and Barbara are the only two original members still on the show.  I hope she's planning on a tell all book and comes back on the show to discuss it.  I bet that would be interesting. -In case you hadn't heard, there are a bunch of changes to the Facebook newsfeed coming our way soon.  I have always hated most of the Facebook changes when they first hit and then I just get used to them and forget what the old Facebook was like.  None of the changes have hit my page yet, but if you want to learn about them, this link will tell you everything you need to know.  https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

Friday's Trivia Question: Everyone seems to be enjoying the couples quiz...here's 3 more: Bo & Luke, Bo & Hope, Hope & Michael.  Name the shows. Have a great weekend! WWTM-Kristy

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