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Glasses Meets Makeup and a Summer Lip.

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
Glasses Meets Makeup and a Summer Lip.Glasses Meets Makeup and a Summer Lip.When it comes to getting your eyes as well as eye makeup to stand out behind glasses, I recommend the  following:1- Focus on the liner. Make it slightly bolder than you would normally wear. Add a wing (even if its a baby) and smudge a dark color on the bottom lash line.2- Use one light eyeshadow on the eye lid, inner crease, brown bone, and tear duct area to make your eyes look big, bright and bold.3- Sculpt you brow! Even if its super soft this is one of the most important features. 4- Apply a generous amount of mascara. Or better yet, top it off with a pair of natural false lashes. Emphasize the outer corners of your eyes for a lift.5- Instead of thinking you need to pack a ton of color on your eyes, find a fun and simple lip color that is complimentary to your eye color! See that? Oh its my best friend Budding Love lipstick from MAC. (The only lipstick my boyfriend has ever like. He on more than one occasion has proactively told me to wear it!)And with that I give you my next summer lip color, Budding Love.Glasses Meets Makeup and a Summer Lip.
Glasses Meets Makeup and a Summer Lip.
Now, I really need relaxation time and a delicious dinner with my man.

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