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GIS Appreciation Day

By T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon
February 12, 2016

March 2, 2016 will be the first GIS Appreciation Day

Last month on Twitter, Gretchen Peterson, a renowned cartographer and author from Colorado, thought that we should all celebrate a fun GIS Appreciation Day on social media.

GIS Appreciation DayShe thought that unlike the traditional GIS day that takes place every year, during Geography Week and used to help promote GIS and geographic education, GIS Appreciation Day would be celebrated more via social media as a fun way to promote GIS, cartography and maps.

After learning that several social media influencers from the geospatial community on Twitter also thought it was a great idea, she picked March 2nd as the day and then encouraged everyone to spread the word.

We are very active on social media and plan to participate, and hope that you will join us on March 2nd by using the hashtag #GISAppreciationDay with all your social media postings on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram and Google+. Also do not forget to include lots of great maps, geospatial info, funny GIS memes, videos and various GIS related images.

We have included links to several of our social media profiles for those who have yet to follow us:

So get involved and have some fun sharing GIS related maps and images March 2nd.

We need a #GISAppreciationDay. Distinct from that GIS Day thing. This one would be cute and/or surprising map posts.

— Gretchen Peterson (@PetersonGIS) January 21, 2016

Earlier people seemed enthused about starting #GISAppreciationDay, like #SquirrelAppreciationDay ! Shall we do it on the 1st Wed. in March?

— Gretchen Peterson (@PetersonGIS) February 1, 2016

GIS Appreciation Day 2016 will be on March 2! More info here: #GISAppreciationDay

— Gretchen Peterson (@PetersonGIS) February 5, 2016

March 2nd will be the 1st #GISAppreciationDay post fantastic #Maps, funny #GIS memes, etc.

— Cdn. GIS & Geomatics (@CanadianGIS) February 10, 2016

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