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Girls Christmas Tradition

By Bethtinkerbell @TinksLostGirls


Hello folks,

Every Christmas I host our girlie get together, throughout the year half of us are at uni (2 of us!) and so it makes it very difficult to all be in one place. We always try to get together at least once during summer and again at Christmas, this summer we didn’t manage to all be in one place due to holidays and work, however we have managed to get a date for Christmas and I am in charge of organising. We always try to get together as close to Christmas as possible and this year it will be 22nd, the last Saturday before Christmas and only 10 days away!

I do the hosting and organising because I’m very particular about it, I hate last minute plans and changes, I want to be able to plan an outfit and makes sure I have the funds or that everything will be in order. Also my folks don’t mind having everyone round and will let us take over the main rooms in the house, while getting very drunk and sometimes (always) very loud.

This year we are having a board game and cocktails night, mainly because it has been ages since i’ve played a board game, and most of us fancy playing games. Normally I cook a meal so that our stomachs are lined before we’ve drunk too much but this year i’ve decided i’m just going to do nibbles and finger food so that we can eat and play at the same time.

I really wanted to make up a number of different cocktails but i’ve had to stick to two just because of the cost of the alcohol, i’ll be making Sea Breeze and Woo Woo! I’ve chosen them both because they are very different in flavor but both contain vodka as one of the main ingredients, helping to keep alcohol costs down! I’m unsure as to what food I will do but I am very tempted to go to the supermarket and pick up some of their party foods and have mini pizzas, sausage rolls, onion bajis and the like, along with crisps and dip, and a lot of cake and desserts.

I will also be decorating the dining room which is the room we are taking over, i’m going to make some Christmas bunting and i’ll be getting out festive napkins, and i’ll also be doing little gifts to be opened at our get together. I love doing these things and I missed out on planning my Tea Dance so i’m making up for it by going all out for Christmas.

We will swap all of our Christmas presents and get drunk, which is the perfect way to spend our time together!

Tink x

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