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Girl Get Your Life: 5 Signs Your Man is Using You

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

Girl Get Your Life: 5 Signs He’s Using You

When I was in my twenties, I was a really nice person. I’ll be the first to admit that I was somewhat gullible and maybe even naïve to the ways of people and how they operate.  I allowed people to take advantage of my kindness. At some point, I think we‘re all naïve until life gives us a swift kick in the ass. After all, the early twenties is still the age of self discovery when we simply don’t know any better. Some time’s it hard for us to admit that your man is using you.

Sometimes self esteem issues play apart, other times we feel like we’re helping him out, and lastly sometimes we just think we’re in love and that’s what we’re supposed to do. However, I’ve learned over the years that being nice and kind will get you used, abused, and kicked to the curb.  And if you think that by allowing yourself to be used will keep someone with you then think again! You can be taken advantage of financially, physically, and mentally.

Girl get yo life! You do not have to sit around and be taken advantage of. Here’s, 5 signs that your man is using you,

He’s unemployed and lazy while you’re slaving away

There’s nothing worst then a lazy ass man! There’s a difference between a man who’s fallen on hard times and a straight up lazy eating you out of house and home man. You leave for work and he’s sleep, you come home and he’s taking a nap, and in between that time he’s been playing video games and making a mess for you to clean up. There’s nothing wrong with being supportive of a GOOD man who’s lost his job due to lay off or some other legitimate reason.

He owes you money and still asking for more money

Ok, so maybe you’re not living together, Thank goodness! However, he calls and continuously asks for a loan because he’s short on cash. And guess what? He already owes you hundreds of dollars. Men asking to borrow money is one of the biggest turn offs I know, at least for me it is. There’s nothing worse than having to support yourself and a grown ass able bodied man. Girl, keep your cash in the bank where it belongs. He’ll be walking around in new clothes looking fresh off your dime.

He calls you only when he wants something

In general, I hate for anybody to call me only when they want something but it’s an extra blow when your boo does it. Baby can you do this and can you do that! Can you, can you, can you is all you hear with no appreciation. Girlfriend does not mean assistant! And anyone who calls you only when they want something is using you!

He’s using your space, car, and time

Some of us don’t date based on material matters like a car and a home while others do. In my experience, dating someone who does not have these things and you do can sometimes be problematic. You begin to feel bad because they don’t have and you end up playing chauffeur to him, not to mention, that at some point they begin to feel like they should use your car. If he doesn’t have his own place then you might find your space invaded a little sooner than you would like. Now, you have to play chauffeur, share your space, and devote your time. Meanwhile, he isn’t doing a damn thing and won’t even give you money for gas. We all know that gas is to damn expensive for people to be riding around free!!!!!!!

He never shows any affection until he wants something

When I leave in the morning and return home; my dogs are waiting on me and shower me with affection the best way they know how. If dogs can show affection then why can’t he. However, when he wants a favor, sex, or money then you become the sun, the moon, and the stars that light up the sky.

If you’re doing these things and he’s not your man, then girl you really need to get it together. Stop throwing away your money and time. You can date another man but recouping money can be difficult, so invest wisely.

Has there ever been a time you felt your man was using you?


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