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Ginger Heartache – With Aunty Bill

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback


Dear Aunty,


Can a man develop feelings for curly kale? And if so do you know any country would recognise  marriage between a man and curly kale?

Farmer Barleymow, Yorkshire

Aunty Bill Replies;

Hey Farmer!

As anyone in the farming world knows the link between Kale and male goes back centuries.Records from the 15th century show marriage ceremonies between the local Lothario and a freshly picked bunch of the local kale. Even to this day remnants of this practice can be found via a casual trawl through the phone book. Famous film director Albert R Brocoli CBE (Hon) and his family were early practitioners.Brocoli (a strain related to the Kale family) was also nicknamed “Cubby” as his family kept their Kale relatives in a “Cubby hole” in the cellar of their farmhouse. His insistence that Goldfinger was released under the title of Brocolifinger was (thankfully) overturned shortly before its release.Whilst no European countries recognize a union between man and Kale, you’ll be pleased to know some counties do. In particular Norfolk where an active kale community thrives to this day.

I suggest heading that way where you’ll be welcomed with open arms.  It’s a weird place Norfolk.

Kale – the gift that keeps giving.

Aunty Bill

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