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Ginger Beauty – With Oily George!

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

Ginger Beauty – With Oily George!


I am afraid of the dark. As a vampire this causes some issues for me regarding work-life balance. Any ideas? Shit,I’ve lost my torch

Vlad, Bucharest

Oily Replies;

Vlad, I once shot a camp vamp romp in Voslovovitrichbitchstitchvitch. Early 90′s. Wonderful part of the world. The rolling mountains like a fair maidens heaving bosoms. Except with goats on them.

The women were very hairy and manly. May well have been a man now I think about it. The alleyway was dark, the local brew strong. As she tenderly growled she  picked me up and threw me over her shoulder assuring me that Igor was a girl’s name in that part of the world. And who was I to argue. Especially with two broken ribs

Happy Fangsgiving


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