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Ginger Beauty – With Oily George!

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

Ginger Beauty – With Oily George!


Where do you stand on the ongoing civil strife in Syria?

President Assad, Damascus

Assad Me Old Mucker!

I stand astride Astrid, legs akimbo. Thrusting forward my unfeasibly large and hairy pouch. Magnificent. Erect. Disturbed. The Oily Essence.

10 minutes of this particular yoga position keeps me supple and ready for the day ahead.

That is completely irrelevant to your question but sometimes when I look at myself in a full double width mirror I just can’t help but admire me and feel a need to share.

As for the Syrians? They are a testy lot aren’t they. Time of the month I’ll wager . Camomile tea, some wacky baccy and a damn good sh*g and they’d all be right as rain.


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