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Ginger Beauty – With Oily George

By Gingerfightback @Gingerfightback

Ginger Beauty – With Oily George

Hello Oily

Any advice on how to cure an aching jaw? I think I have been spoiling my girl a bit too much over the Christmas holidays. Help!!

Otis Elevator, LA

Oily Replies;

Otis my man, long time no speak.

As you are in the same lather and spank market as I – you will understand lockjaw is a common occurrence especially after the 16th retake.

As I know from personal experience, the tongue and lower jaw  can only withstand a certain amount of repetitive strain before seizing up. It needs to be kept supple and oiled. Of course I produce my own queasily unnatural unctions so it is never a problem.

I will send you a quart of my Healing Oil and you will be able to lick ‘n flick to your heart’s content.

In return perhaps you could send me that DVD of your girl and her netball teams Xmas party? You know, the one with the ping pong balls?

Yours expectorantly,

The Oilster

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