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Gifts for Workplace

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
All of us, at some time or the other struggle with what would make a perfect gift in a given setting. For someone you know at a personal level, the options are quite some. Finding a gift for someone in the workplace is an altogether different arena. (And something I still struggle with, after working for many years, with many people, in many organizations, from many geographies). A non-controversial and basic list such as the one below may help you next time you want to gift someone from your workplace.
  • Mugs work well with peers, someone within your team or lunch group 
  • Desk adornments like a clock or a mirror piece can be given to your friendly senior
  • Team picture in a modern frame is perfect for occasions such as as send-offs
  • Cocktail set from Magpie is a huge hit as a wedding gift (wow, that rhymed!)
  • Laptop bag is sure to make a useful gift 
  • Monogrammed pens are still the best gift for someone to whom you wish to express your gratitude. 

P.S.  - There could be times when people (would be gift receivers) are not any of the types to use or appreciate such gifts. Shopping coupons from a popular store are easiest for such testing kinds.

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