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Giant Fall Maple Leaf

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Giant Fall Maple LeafA photo of giant paper flowers inspired me to create this oversized maple leaf. Last year I made a life-size one (see post below), but think this big size will be fun for kids and help to illustrate the art principle of proportion.1. Cut a large paper grocery bag down the seam and around the bottom edge until it can lay flat as shown. 2. Follow my “How To Draw A Maple Leaf” post to draw one as large as possible on the open bag. Trace the pencil lines with a black Sharpie marker.3. I tried a new product for coloring – Crayola Color Sticks. They work like colored pencils, but because they have no wood there's no sharpening. They are about $13 for a box of 24, but I can tell they will last a LONG time. And for coloring large areas like this on colored paper, I like 'em a lot (not a paid endorsement).4. When the leaf is filled in, cut it out along the black line and have fun decorating!Note: My 6' 5" son is holding this sample, just so you know.

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