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Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter Review

By Riya Ghosh
Hello Peeps :L

Today I am going to review my favorite body butter from Gia Bath & Body Works. This humble body butter which knocks out all its pricier counterparts when it comes to effectiveness and heavenly fragrance. :L Do I need to give a detailed review; from the first few lines you all must have understood that you need this in your life! :D But for your and my peace of mind lets get to the review. ;)

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Ingredients: Cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamin-EPrice: Rs. 300 for 100g; Rs. 590 for 200g tubsInstructions:Apply on wet skin after a shower, take a final rinse and dab your body dry.Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter Review+best body butter for dry skin+dry skin+bath and body products

My Take on Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter

The product comes in a solid state and you need to scoop it out of the tub. It looks and smells like white chocolate, its so hard to resist the temptation of not licking it! :P I use it as mentioned on the tub; take a bit out, massage between palms to melt and then apply all over the body. I leave it for 3-5 mins and then take a final rinse. It might feel a bit greasy initially but within few secs it gets absorbed totally. My skin feels super soft, moisturized and smells heavenly. <3 On top of all this its totally made of natural ingredients, what more do you want! ;) Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter Review+cheap body butter+body lotion+natural products
I use this in the conjunction with scrub which I have reviewed here and I get a perfect body spa at home without spending a lot of money. :angel :e

Would I reccomend Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter

Do I need to answer that! :P Using Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter is a treat to my senses and it works as good as any pricey body butters in the market.Rating- 5/5You can buy Gia Bath and Body Works on Facebook

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