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Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar"- A Body Scrub That Means Business ♥

By Riya Ghosh
Hello Peeps <3I love a good scrub that leaves skin feeling clean and smooth like baby's butt ^_^ , but I’ve had trouble finding one that is equally moisturizing and smells good. I know too much to ask for :P but my search came to end when I tried the Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar". :L Read on to know why Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar" has become my HG body scrub. :)

About Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar"

An exfoliating bar with Creamy cocoa butter and Olive oil. Dark forest coffee ground make this a scrubby bar. Scented with a Nutty Cocoa and Perfumed Chocolate.Price- 200 inr


My Take on Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar

I love winters as it gives me respite from the oil tank on my face but around this time of year my body which is comparatively quite dry starts to look flaky and dry; but Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar" makes my skin super smooth and soft. :angel 
  • The scrub exfoliates thoroughly leaving my skin soft. The gritty texture of the bar helps to slough away any dry, flaky patches be it elbow, knees.
  • Plus, this scrub doesn't dry out the skin as is formulated with plenty of skin nourishment in the form of cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil. You wont have to run to apply body lotion. :b
  • It smells divine, perfect combo of coffee and chocolate <3 you wont feel like coming out of your bathroom. :P The smell lingers for quite some time.
  • One more thing I love about this scrub is that its so easy to use as its in the bar form; I hate those granular ones as I am quite clumsy and they end up scrubbing my bathroom floor. :O
  • And its natural, free of any artificial or harmful chemicals. :mj

Would I recommend Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar"

Yes definitely! I’m in love with the quality of this scrub and the fact that its natural and so affordable. I use this in conjunction with the Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa body butter (which I will review soon); it feels like I've just been to the spa every time I use them. :eRating- 5/5

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