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GF Honey Bee Hive Cake

By Bakearama

honey beehive cake with hidden honeycomb center gluten free

A few weeks ago Derby Clandestine Cake Club‘s August meeting was held, with a ‘Hidden Summer’ theme. A bit unsure of adding extra ingredients to a gluten free cake, I opted for a hidden-centred cake instead. I found the honey cake recipe and things spiralled out from there… a beehive shape, honeycomb centre, perfect!

The gluten-free honey cake recipe I used was this one from Glutafin – and I simply can’t rave about it enough. It was so easy to make (hello, one-bowl baking), cooked perfectly, and was wonderfully moist and tasty. Gold stars all round!

gluten free honey cake easy GF recipe one bowl

I baked the cake in two slightly different size round tins, to start the circles needed for the beehive.

Once cool, I used various circular elements from round the kitchen (a bowl, a glass, and a spray oil lid for the smallest one!), to cut concentric circles out from the middles of the large cakes. I ended up with three ‘rings’ of cakes on the bottom (circles with holes in the middle), and two ‘solid’ circle layers for the top.

stacking gluten free honey cake circles for beehive theme hidden centre

Once I was happy with the stacking, I dis-assembled down to the bottom two layers, and filled them with a generous mix of chocolate and honeycomb pieces (I highly recommend Crunchie Rocks – a ready-made version of this!)

hidden center cake honey bee hive chocolate honeycomb filling

Finally I needed to stick the cakes together, and cover with icing. The sticking part didn’t take much icing at all as the cake was so moist, but I more than made up for it with lots of sticky icing on the outside. I’d love to share the recipe for this as it worked perfectly, but alas it was one of those throw-in-the-pan-and-see-what-happens kind of icings, with some honey, butter, icing sugar, a little chocolate… you get the picture!

Once the cake was covered I added some bee-hive ‘ridges’ round the cake, using the back of a fork.

sticky chocolate honey buttercream icing on beehive cake

And what beehive would be complete without some little honeybees? Wondering where their honey has gone no doubt! I rolled together some black and yellow fondant icing, adding white wings and black dots for eyes, to make these little bee-hive keepers.

fondant icing handmade bees for beehive honey cake clandestine cake club

The finished cake – stickly hiding its hidden chocolatey treasure away…

fondant bees on honeycomb cake handmade gluten free
beehive honey cake with hidden chocolate honeycomb center decorated with fondant bees

… only to spill out in a grand reveal when the cake is cut open!

hidden center beehive cake chocolate honeycomb
hidden center layered beehive cake honey with chocolate honeycomb

Needless to say there was neither much cake nor chocolate left by the time cake club was over. You can read the full details of our August meeting here. Next stop is our September meeting to launch the new Clandestine Cook Book – featuring a recipe from little moi! All will be revealed soon…

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