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Getting Your Exercise by Jumping to Conclusions: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh

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You may have heard about the man who attended a workshop (it could have been one of mine) on encouragement.

He left convinced about his need to show his wife more appreciation. So, on the way home, he stopped at the drugstore to pick up a box of chocolates. Across the street, he purchased a dozen long-stemmed roses and proudly made his way toward home.

This was the day he would begin showing his wife how much he appreciated her.

Thinking he would make this an extra special occasion, he proudly held his presents and rang the front doorbell.

His wife opened the door, took one look at him, and burst into tears. “What’s wrong, Honey?” he asked.

Through her tears she replied, “It’s been a horrible day! First, the television went on the blink; then Susie hurt herself playing on the swing set; the cat tore our living room curtains; and now, my husband comes home drunk.”

Appearances can be taken wrong – that’s for certain! However this story illustrates that it matters less what your intent is – the husband doing something nice –

And all about what the person on the other end is feeling or going through. The wife and her horrible day before hubby ever arrived home.

This happens with email pretty often – since there is no emotion or body language to go on – the person reading it and their attitude or mood is how they take it.

So – before you send something through that cold and distant medium of the web – ask yourself this: “Would it be better to give this news in person?”

If the answer is yes – call them or go see them – you’ll save yourself and the other person both from jumping to the wrong conclusions!

Note: I have a book on Voice Mail that may be of help to you – here is the link:

Remember you create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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