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Getting Your Child to Bed Effortlessly

Posted on the 25 March 2014 by Health_news

Getting your child to bed effortlessly

Little children are fussy for several reasons and many parents have a tough time dealing with their fussiness. Especially when it comes to eating and sleeping children resist the idea like the plague. They often come up with excuses for not doing it, either they are not hungry or sleepy. However for a parent these may seem as excuses but from the child’s perspective there could be underlying reasons. For most children it is fear. A bad dream can set off a fear in the child’s mind preventing him or her from going to bed. If you are struggling with your little one who is refusing to go to sleep you can try these tips. This article talks about how you can get your child to sleep without much effort.

  • Make bedtime a pleasurable experience. No parent can achieve what they want by just telling the child to get to bed. Prepare the environment of the house in order to get your child to bed. Even though you may be watching TV or working, switch off all the lights and walk your child to the bedroom. This way you are setting expectations with your child to expect that it is bed time.
  • Indulge your child in bedtime activities. Children are very active in their mind and it is very difficult for them to switch off and go to bed. Children love activities so indulge them in some. It may be reading a story book or having them read a book back to you. You need spend some time on their bed so that they get used to sleeping at the same time every day. If your child has a doll to accompany have him or her change the dolls clothes to bed time clothes as well. Children love such activities and will look forward to it.
  • Children take some time to drift into deep sleep. Finally when your child appears sleepy enough play some soft and soothing music until he or she drifts away into deep sleep. Stop reading the stories and also make sure that there is a bed lamp in the room. Children hate absolute darkness.
  • Some children develop fears about their room and feel claustrophobic. They think there are monsters in their cupboards and under their bed. You can get rid of this fear through playing. Play hide and seek with your child in their bedroom. Hide under the bed or the cupboard and show them it is perfectly okay there. Children cannot be easily convinced just by talking to them.

If your child is experiencing other sleep associated problems like bed wetting and so on then these may be sleep disorders. You will need to consult a doctor for such problems.  If the problem is just to do with their attitude then you can easily work around it in a friendly way. There are hundreds of things you can do to make bedtime sound interesting for children. Just be creative and consider what your child likes to do.

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