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Getting Wired

By Addietellsall @Addietellsall
So I'm almost done doing some connecting, so far I've created a twitter account, working on the Facebook account, and I LOVE how my blog looks, this accomplished feeling is pretty sweet. I proudly have 9 followers on Twitter : p I'll be blogging frequently and more than one time a day, random thoughts ya know, so get ready to read a lot. Currently my activities consist of watching E!News, enjoying some Mary J, and blogging to all my fine readers. I've found that a few relaxation setters can help the mind flow like no end and they always produce the best observations.
Getting WiredEX: I normally talk crap about people's obsession with celebrities but I secretly indulge on the celeb gossip sometimes and would love if my blog was mentioned/followed by someone famous, omgosh are you even allow to say stuff like that out loud? Wouldn't it be so fabulous if you could go away for the weekend in the Hamptons or being able to shop at Nordstrom without watching the tab? I LOVE BOOTS!Enjoyed this post? Well don't miss a beat and Subscribe Now!

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