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Getting the Message Out With Internal Signage

Posted on the 14 April 2016 by Marketingtango @marketingtango
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  • April 14, 2016
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Getting the Message Out With Internal Signage

Even the world’s most well-known companies can’t afford to assume that everyone understands what their brand is all about. (Previously, we’ve written about how VW reminded customers it was in Das Auto business.)

What about your own staff? Shouldn’t they be on board with the company mission and vision, even more so than your customers? After all, employees are your brand ambassadors.

Internal Signage Reinforces Brand Values

Internal brand values can include such qualities as customer satisfaction, integrity, continuous improvement, community service, and the like. The more your staff understands and promotes your internal brand values, the more happy, productive and loyal they will be.

Integrated marketers sometimes forget that operations and HR are just as important as sales and advertising. In order for your internal brand values to be consistent with external marketing messages and customer expectations, your staff at every level needs to practice what you preach.

Use Signs To Align With Your Mission

Here are some of the ways that your owned media can be used for internal signage to boost employee morale, promote the company’s culture, and remind everyone of their mission.

By Department

Make the office structure clear to new hires and carry your brand identity throughout the company by clearly labeling each department.

Friendly Brand Reminders

Remind both staff and visitors about your mission and values with consistent brand messages around the office to provide motivation and encourage unity among colleagues.

Operational or Instructional Signs

Greater efficiency and increased safety results when employees clearly understand their jobs. Well-placed procedural reminders can help save time, reduce costs, and promote a healthy work environment.

Window Graphics

Think beyond the wall for ways to convey your internal messages. Products or brands can be listed in window graphics using individual logos and lettering, or with frosted or contra-vision graphics for additional privacy.

Logos or word clouds added to internal windows, doors, or glass office-partitions can promote your corporate identity, while creating a sense of separation and privacy. However the message is carried, you’re also enhancing safety by making the glass panels visible.

To be successful, every department of the company should understand and support the internal brand values along with external marketing messages. Truly integrated marketing extends to both inside and outside audiences.

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