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Getting the Lyrics Down is Hard

Posted on the 14 December 2012 by Audiocred @audiocred

Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics Poster C10287219 300x239 Getting the lyrics down is hard

Lyrics are a real pain to figure out. There, I said it. Like, when that Jay-Z song comes on and you forget that ladies’ can be pimps too? Oh, it’s happened… So, whenever I hear a new drop, indie or pop or whatever, that’s when lyrics websites come in. Typically I resort to Google with my search terms being those few words from the chorus I can sort of remember. But there’s a better solution for figuring out The website offers great information along with the song lyrics, one that will not only help you find a song by typing a couple of words from memory, but also to learn the song’s lyrics in its entirety, read a translation from a foreign language or two (!), find out about the song and the artist, and access a boatload of other information. Sounds too good to be true? NO SIR!

MotoLyrics.com is a huge online music community, but unlike other similar websites it’s not only about the lyrics. Aimed at music lovers of all ages and tastes, MotoLyrics.com offers a variety of other music related entertainments like hundreds of music videos, song translations, show biz news, artist bios, etc. etc. It’s pretty amazing really. I searched around the site and found entries for Kendrick Lamar, Phantogram, Nirvana… the list goes on. So, you have the solution, now go educate yourself!

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