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Getting the Kids Outdoors: Family Activies

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
*In collaboration with Rawk Getting the Kids Outdoors: Family Activies
With so much technology around these days, it can be hard to get the kids off them and out in the fresh outdoors, growing up I was glued to my computer, as soon as I finished school I was on it and if it was the weekend sometimes I wouldn't be off it till the early hours of the morning! It took a lot to get me outside, i'll be honest, I hated walking, but then my passion for photography grew and grew and I was asking to go out and take photos every day! So whilst your little ones are still little' and whilst the sun is still shining, why not try out some of the following things to get the family together and spending quality time together without anyone getting bored!
Rollerskating Every child needs a pair of roller-skates, even if you insist on them wearing all the padding and protective gear, it's something all children have to try! There are different kinds of footwear you can have, whether it's inline skates, roller-skates or even Heely's, depending on the age of your little ones obviously, Rawk have everything you need if you weren't too sure where to look, they really aren't that expensive either which is fab! Why not even invest in some for Christmas, I know it's early but the sale section has some amazing deals which you won't want to miss! It's always good to be prepared!
Crazy Golf When I was younger I lived just down the road from a crazy golf center over in Southend (Adventure Island if you're interested), it was amazing, with the typical windmill holes and bridges too, with an Aztec feel and design and 2 separate 9 hole courses, take whichever takes your fancy! It can really bring out the competitive side to everyone but it's so much fun as well, perfect for all ages too, whether you have a toddler who can just about hold the club (they'll have lots of fun chasing the balls and having a go), or even a teenager, everyone will help each other and is a great opportunity for bonding time!
Camping! You don't need to spend crazy money on a campsite (unless you want to be by the sea maybe?) Instead, try setting up your own campsite in the garden, pitch the tent, get some snuggly blankets and pillows, some lanterns, books and teddies and yummy snacks and there you have it! Tell stories to them or create your own stories together, have some ice lollies, ice creams and other cold snacks on hand! Or if they're at the age of being "too cool" doing it with mommy and daddy, get them to choose a friend or two to come over and join in, it doesn't mean they have to stay out there all night though ha, but they can come in and go to bed watching a movie or something :)

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