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Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Posted on the 02 August 2011 by Badmoneyblog @badmoneyblog
Everyone has this problem. You go to the mailbox only to find a handful of junk including advertisements, credit card offers, and other unwanted junk mail. Although there are no real ways to make your junk mail go away forever, here are some solutions to getting rid of junk mail.
Before we get started, here is a funny solution to getting rid of junk mail that might make you laugh a little, and forget for a while, just how annoying those junk mail offers can be. Click on the video below to watch the solution to the junk mail problem!

If that video does not convince you that you can get rid of junk mail by mailing it back, then maybe one of the following solutions will help you.

There are a few places to look for reducing the amount of junk mail you receive. One of those places is the
Direct Marketing Association (DMA) website. DMA claims that they represent nearly 3600 organizations involved in direct mailing. Registering for the website may be able to reduce your junk mail by making use of what they promise on their website. Included in this is the quote, "All DMA member companies must follow the DMA member guidelines, including honoring a consumer's request to be removed from future mailings." 
You can also try "opting out" of credit and insurance prescreening offers through the official Consumer Credit Reporting Industry website
If you are really desperate, there are even sites where you can cough up money to get people to stop the junk mail for you. offers a "100% guarantee" that you will be satisfied or you can request a refund; getting rid of your junk mail!
Give some of these a try and let us here at know how it does for you. Until then, we will be watching that funny junk mail solution video and thinking of ways to get rid of junk mail!

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