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Getting OFF the BENCH with Author Mark Wiggins

By Uniquelykismet @UniquelyKismet
Getting OFF the BENCH with Author Mark WigginsGetting OFF the BENCH with Author Mark Wiggins

Mark Wiggins. Author. Coach. Dad. Motivational Speaker. What doesn't this modern day Renaissance SuperMan do? Armed with more than 20 years of varying experience in business and communications, Mark has delivered his "Get off the Bench" message at local and state conventions, to youth and corporate groups and to the high school and collegiate populous. Armed with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology, Mark is the CEO of his brain child Xtreme Effort Speaking franchise where he prides himself on presenting diverse programs to the corporate community, educations institutions, athletes, students, parents, and coaches in an effort to "Move you from the bench to the starting line up of life."        

 The BookGetting OFF the BENCH with Author Mark WigginsClick on book to purchaseThe Interview When did you fall in love with the written word?I didn't fall in love with the written word until I was in my late 30's. I have always been told that I could write and communicate well, but I struggled to really find my voice until my first book MTXE, the formula for Success.
When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I am not sure if I ever did. I knew I wanted to speak, and that I had to have written words to help get my message out there, so I wrote.How long have you been writing? About 7 years.Talk to us about your writing journey. If you've faced rejection how do you rise above it? If you haven't faced rejection what advice do you have for aspiring authors? The biggest hurdle to overcome was allowing other readers to critique my work. I had to deal with being an effective speaker, and how that didn't always translate to great written words. That's tough. But I learned in order to get better, I had to let others stretch me, like I was telling others to do.Are you an outliner or fly by your pants kind of writer? Fly by my pants, with a soft outline type of writer. I need to get moving, and then I let it flow. I did that in college. I find that I need to get it out of me and then make edits.How long does it take you to write a novel? My book took about 6 months, it could have taken less, but I did it in short waves.What social media outlets are you using to promote yourself/your writing? I use Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger currently.Where do you see your writing career in 5 years? Writing better more in depth books, and maybe that novel we all have in us lol.What are you currently working on? My motivational book Permission to Succeed.
You're sitting inside your favorite coffee shop...the tantalizing smells of flavorful lattes and pastries permeate the air. Sitting next to you is your favorite author. You have the opportunity to ask him/her three questions...what are they? 1. Where do you get your storylines from? 2. Tell me about your childhood 3. What do you want the world to get from your works?Sky's the limit for Mark, as he continues his motivational quest for "Moving you from the bench to the starting line up of life."Readers can contact him at [email protected], on Twitter at Permissioniskey, or visit his websites at or

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