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All About Autumn

By Uniquelykismet @UniquelyKismet
Writing has always been a HUGE part of my life and now's the first time I'm going to share it with you all...KISMET. Super shallow realtor Autumn Sinclair believes that's what brought her together with her boy toy Tarik Benjamin.Autumn though later learns when her meddling cousin/best friend Joi introduces her to sexy private chef Quincy Issacs that it's not ALWAYS all about AUTUMN and that what she believed was KISMET with Tarik is nothing compared to the fireworks she feels for Quincy. So what's a girl to do? Read on in my new online series All About Autumn in Episode 1: Mr. Right isn't so RIGHT All About AutumnAll About AutumnEpisode 1: Mr. Right isn't so RIGHT!"Autumn, why do you keep doing this to yourself?"With everything in her Autumn Sinclair tried her best to disregard her cousin Joi's words, but it was hard when Joi was standing adjacent to Autumn, her eyes probing Autumn's every move relentlessly.The duo was inside Ambiance because Autumn was obsessed with buying more edible panties. It wasn't her fault her boo/man of her dreams Tarik Benjamin had eaten them all. Plus they were supposed to be going away to the Poconos for a romantic weekend so Autumn needed more sex toys and games to add to her naughty arsenal."What about these?" Autumn grinned holding up a red pair. "I think these are strawberry."Joi rolled her eyes disgusted. When would Autumn get it? Tarik was never going to marry her. It killed Joi to see her cousin get so excited over a man who wasn't that into her."Hello? I asked you a question." Joi placed her hands on her slender hips glancing at a guy holding  a copy of Chunky Asses Magazine. She wrinkled her nose.Autumn slammed the box on the shelf. Staring Joi square in the eye and through gritted teeth asked, "Why can't you just be happy for me?"" 'Happy?" Joi scoffed. "I'll be 'happy' when-""Don't you dare," Autumn hissed nostrils flared."Whatever." Joi flashed Autumn the hand. "Don't give me that. You know I love the ground that keeps you cool, and your biggest cheerleader. But do you honestly believe that Tarik is going to marry you? You know he's still in love with-" "Stop it." Autumn took on a wounded look. "You sound like my mother." She snatched the box she'd previously been holding from the shelf and stalked to another section of the store, nearly bumping into a woman yelling, "Where in the hell is the vaginal lubricant?" Autumn would rather die than tell Joi that she was right. Tarik claimed he was over his ex Veronica and that she- Autumn was what he wanted.  The answer had been good enough for Autumn, so why couldn't it be good enough for everyone else? "This is my relationship." Autumn murmured. "I love Tarik, and I know that he loves me."Joi followed a few steps behind Autumn. She was afraid that if she walked alongside her cousin she would slap her. "I really want to slap some sense into that chick." Joi couldn't stand Autumn bullheadedness. Joi wasn't jealous that Autumn had someone, because she was going strong with her boyfriend of three years Marcus. All Joi wanted was for Autumn to have what she and Marcus shared. Autumn deserved to be happy and madly in love with a man who was equally as in love with her, but if she believed that Tarik Benjamin was that man, then she was sadly mistaken. When would Autumn realize that she was beautiful, classy, and smart? Autumn could pull any man her heart desired, but the one she wanted unfortunately belonged to someone else? "Tarik may look like Mr. Right, but he isn't so right." Joi shook her head as she watched Autumn slap a pair of fuzzy handcuffs on a handsome sales associate."Autumn-""Let's just enjoy the rest of our day 'k?" By the tone of Autumn's voice she could tell that her cousin was tired of arguing about Tarik, and truth be told, so was she."I was going to say the same thing." Joi lied.Autumn embraced her best friend. "I know you want what's best for me.""I really do." Joi's response was full of sincerity. "You deserve it." Joi fixed her eyes on Autumn who was often mistaken for her sister. The women had inherited their exotic African/Brazilian looks from their identical twin mothers."Trust me Joi. Tarik is what's best for me."Joi bit her bottom lip, holding back her words. She begged to differ. But for Autumn she would grin and bear it. "That's why this dinner tonight is so important to me. I just want the two people who matter most to me to get along." Autumn's eyes shot to her watch. "Ooh girl we've got to get out of here. I still need to go to the grocery store."◊◊◊Autumn, Joi, and Marcus sat in the living room sipping wine and munching on an array of finger foods. Dinner was supposed to start at five-thirty, but Tarik was over an hour late.Autumn crossed and uncrossed her legs pissed. "Where the hell is he?" She mumbled aloud. When Joi met her eyes, Autumn wished she had kept her comments to herself. "Maybe he tried to call my cell." Autumn reached for her Coach purse doing her best to defend her man's tardiness."I'm sure that's what it is." Joi replied, her voice saccharine sweet although she looked as if she were ready to curse Tarik out.Tarik assured Autumn he would be there on time, and that he would call when he was on his way, but he hadn't. It was now six thirty and her Chicken Alfredo was starting to get cold.Joi collected everyone's glasses. "I'm going to get more wine while we wait. You all want anything?""Babe, could you grab me another beer please?" Marcus said handing Joi his empty long-necked bottle."Sure boo." Joi's eyes flew to Autumn. "Want a refill?""No. I'll have another glass with dinner." Autumn avoided eye contact and kept her eyes glued to MSNBC.Joi trotted off to the kitchen clenching the stem of the beer bottle. She was annoyed. Here Autumn had been slaving away with a delicious dinner and Tarik as usual didn't think to call or text. "I swear that dude is so inconsiderate."Seconds later the doorbell rang."I got it." Autumn shouted excitedly, breaking her neck to get to the door."Boo I'm sorry I'm late."Joi rolled her eyes heavenward. "Liar." Hearing Tarik's voice made her stomach sick."It's okay bae, just as long as you're here now," Autumn cooed.Joi pretended to stick her finger down her throat as their displays of affection ricocheted off the walls."Hey now." Marcus playfully swatted Joi's firm derriere.Joi slapped a hand to her chest, her eyes widening. "Y-you scared me." She shrieked.Marcus grinned. "I know. I came to see if it was finally time to eat."Joi shrugged. "I guess so, considering Mr. Wonderful is here." She sulked, leaning against the counter.Marcus pulled her close. "Come on love, give Tarik a chance. I think he's a nice guy." Marcus whispered as he nestled his head in Joi's neck. He nibbled her ear."Baby," Joi purred through lowered lids, "You're trying to get me in trouble." Joi relaxed her lithe frame against Marcus' brawny on. She wrapped her arms around his neck inhaling his fresh masculine scent. Ooh, she couldn't wait to get him out of his clothes and slather him in the edible pineapple body oil..."Wait." Marcus' words settled upon her. Her eyes flew open. "What do you mean give Tarik a chance?" She stepped out of Marcus' embrace. Marcus raised his hands defending himself. "All I'm saying is give the man a chance."Joi folded her arms beneath her breasts. "No way. Tarik treats Autumn like crap. She deserves better.""That's Autumn's decision. We're not with them all the time, and you don't know how he treats her.""Oh I have a pretty good idea. You're not the one up 'til the wee hours of the morning listening to Autumn cry." Joi stomped over to the oven and began reheating the Alfredo. That's when it hit her. "I have the perfect man for Autumn."Quincy Issacs her boy from college was a successful private chef who had just opened up his own restaurant in the city. Quincy had been raised in Shaker Heights. Following college he went to culinary school where he perfected his craft and now worked for several A-Listers in Hollywood. He was in the middle of trying to find a new home in the area. He had called Joi a couple of months back explaining that his mother's cancer had returned and that he was back in town for good. "Oh no." Marcus shook his head."Baby Quincy and Autumn would be perfect together.""Joi, sweetheart you have to promise me that you're not going to interfere in Autumn's relationship.""I'm not going to do anything." Joi lied.
◊◊◊ During dinner, the two couples sat around the table chatting about Whitney Houston's death, the upcoming election and if Mitt Romney really stood a chance all while stuffing their faces with apple cheesecake and cups of cocoa."I'm stuffed." Tarik sat back in his chair. He flung his arm over the back of Autumn's chair and pulled her close. "Everything was delicious. You really outdid yourself." He kissed her lips."Thank you baby." Autumn blushed, wiping lipstick off his full lips. "It wasn't all me. Joi lended a helping hand as well."Tarik nodded in Joi's direction. "Thank you. Thank you." "Welcome." Joi said trying to muster up as much fake enthusiasm as she  could.Autumn got up. "Why don't you guys go watch the game while Joi and I get these dishes?""You sure baby?" Tarik grabbed Autumn's hand. "I think I should help. I was late and all.""Don't worry." Autumn took the dish from his hands. "I'm going to take care of you later," she replied huskily.
"I can't wait." Tarik swatted her butt. He and Marcus headed to the den. "You didn't talk that much at dinner." Autumn handed Joi a plate. Joi quickly dried it and placed it inside the cabinet. "Is everything okay?""I'm fine."Autumn released a breath of exhaustion. "I know you're not really feeling Tarik. Is that what it is?""Tarik is all right with me."Autumn turned off the faucet. Turning to Joi she said, "Since when?" Her almond shaped eyes filled with doubt."Since watching you two at dinner. Autumn if Tarik makes you happy, then all I can do is be happy for you too."Autumn threw her hands around Joi's neck. "Oh thank you. Thank you. You don't know how much it means to hear you say that." "I know." Joi chuckled. "Quit looking like you're about to cry. You are just too sensitive for me." Joi glanced over at the wall clock. "It's getting late. I've got to be up early." Joi and Autumn headed to the den to check on the guys."Baby I'm tired." Joi yawned, stretching, emphasizing she was ready to leave.Marcus sprang to his feet. He knew Joi's code for tired meant she was ready to go home and get some. "Tarik, brother we'll do this again."Tarik gave Marcus a brotherly handshake. "Yeah man maybe next time I'll cook."Everyone cracked up except Tarik."You cook?" Autumn teased."Yeah I've been cooking since I was a little boy.""Really? Baby I didn't know that."Joi was dying to say something, but she swallowed her words. She was feeling buzzed from all the wine she'd guzzled and was more than ready for Marcus to get all up in it.Autumn and Tarik walked Joi and Marcus out. "Take care you two." Autumn shut the door behind them. Tarik was headed to the kitchen when she called out after him. "Strip now Officer Benjamin.""Yes ma'am." Tarik happily obliged. 
He seductively stripped out of his clothes never breaking eye contact with Autumn. A couple minutes later he was standing in front of her naked.   Autumn swallowed thickly reveling in his masculinity.  She loved everything about Tarik’s beautiful physique.  He was cut in all the right places.  Her mouth began watering.  Ooh she needed to taste him before she went crazy. “Follow me.”  Autumn grabbed his hand leading him to the couch.  “Sit.”  She replied pushing him against the soft leather sofa.  Autumn disappeared into the kitchen.  Moments later she returned with a bowl full of strawberries and cream.  Autumn knelt between Tarik’s tantalizing thighs. He was as hard as a rock. She slowly began stroking his long hard ebony column blowing on its tip.  “Damn…” Tarik threw his head back clawing the sofa.  “Do you want me?” Autumn’s voice was soft and whispery.   “Y-yes.”  Tarik panted passionately.  Autumn dipped a strawberry in cream bit into it, and took all of Tarik’s nine inches in her mouth.  “Shit! That feels good baby…”  Tarik grabbed a handful of Autumn’s hair. This was the first time she had been aggressive during foreplay, and he enjoyed it!  Autumn really knew what she was doing.  “Yeah?  You like that?”  Autumn grinned up at him licking his deliciousness from her lips. Her head continued bobbing up and down until she felt Tarik writhe in pleasure.   “O-oh yeah…” Tarik’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.  He clutched the edge of the sofa in an attempt to catch his breath.  Autumn stripped to her birthday suit slowly.  She squeezed her breasts, played with her nipples then started fingering her warm sticky clit until her juices gushed down her thighs.  “Ooooooh…” Autumn’s moans filled the air.    "Damn."All the blood rushed back to Tarik’s throbbing piece. He was ready to get back up in it! He dropped to his knees and pulled her to the plush carpet where he opened her legs spread eagle, lowered his head between her thighs and got to work.  Without thinking twice, Tarik grabbed a strawberry and stuck it inside Autumn.    “Tarik!” Autumn screamed at the top of her lungs digging her nails into his head. “It’s…yours!”   Tarik ate Autumn with fierceness making sure he’d gotten every bit of the strawberry out of her. “Damn you taste good…” Tarik mumbled lapping up the rest of the strawberry juices flowing down Autumn’s shaking thighs.  “Baby, make love to me…” Autumn grabbed all of him trying to guide him inside.  “Wait…” Tarik paused pulled a condom from his jeans pocket, ripped it open, and strapped it on. He entered Autumn with intensity, but the fireworks were missing.  All he could think about was the way his body seemed to melt each time he entered Veronica's love. At that moment, an image of Veronica flashed into Tarik’s mind. He shut his eyes tightly pulling Autumn closer wishing she were Veronica. The tighter he squeezed his eyes the more he could smell Veronica’s distinctive fragrance. Oh how he missed her.   Autumn’s ass felt chaffed. She was going to have a rug burn, but she didn’t care.  All that mattered to her was that she was finally starting to connect with the man she loved. Pleasing Tarik was all she wanted to do. The finger fucking hadn’t exactly been fun, but she knew Tarik enjoyed it, and it was her joy to please him. The more he pounded her, the more Autumn wanted to feel Tarik without a condom. She knew if she had his baby, they’d be closer. Autumn bit her lip to keep from crying. Damn, he was the best lover she ever had.    “Harder Tarik.” Autumn shouted.  Tarik obliged, grabbed Autumn’s hips and worked the shit out of her. He hit it from the front, back and side. Minutes later his body started convulsing. He wasn’t ready to release, but the feeling of cumming was so over powering, he succumbed.  Tarik rolled off of Autumn onto his back, breathless. He wiped the puddles of perspiration from his stomach as he turned to face her. She was on her side, shaking. Tarik inched closer to Autumn. “You okay?” He asked rubbing her back.  Autumn stared up at Tarik through damp lashes. Tears continued flowing freely down her cheeks.  He stroked her face. Not again! “What’s wrong?”  “I just love you so much, Tarik.” She snuggled up close to him. “I love you…”  Tarik rubbed Autumn’s hair trying to comfort her as best he could.  He had already slipped up telling Autumn he loved her, and he didn’t want to do it again.  He knew it wasn’t true.  “Autumn, I-”    She placed a finger to his lips. “It-It’s okay, baby. I know how you feel.”  Tarik shook his head. He wasn’t so sure she knew.

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