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Getting Goosed: People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
White goose

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My goose Gabby is turning out to be quite a teacher. She’s on my porch daily and I spend time with her when I feed her along with her buddy and my other fun pet, Chester the goat, morning and night.


Its fall and Gabby is staying with us for the winter instead of flying south – though we do nothing to prevent her flight. I read that a goose will stay with her flock, and that’s what we are, her flock – she will be protected and cared for so there’s no worry for her health.


However because she’s my first goose I’m fascinated with her and notice all kinds of things that make me laugh, wonder and understand, especially the expressions we use, or at least that I use.


She does really funny things – silly things – which makes me say, “Oh you silly goose!” which is something many of us have said and now I know why!


Another thing she does is flap her wings – sometimes to readjust herself, sometimes for no reason I can tell and I say, “What are you flapping about?” which I think was said to me in my youth – probably a lot!


The other thing is her dietary requirements – she eats COB (corn, oats & barley) we give her twice a day and grass and weeds all the rest of the day – so her waste is green and when she’s upset it comes out like liquid or loose which I’m now understanding is behind the expression, “Loose as a goose!”

(Sorry for the visual though remember its all natural all the time!)


The last expression is also a good lesson from Gabby, she comes up and pecks at the cob and gets all put out if the goat is hoarding it and her wing gets ruffled and I I’ll say, “Don’t let him ruffle your feathers” which means, don’t let him put you out, or make you mad – and that’s good advice for anyone.


One more that is something to witness and an expression too – when Gabby is unhappy with one of the dogs and she moves quick to get out of the way and her feathers fly – I have literally “Watched the feathers fly!” and enjoyed it too.


If you’ve ever heard these expressions or used them you now know that they come from a real place – when more people had farms and we learned from our pets – I’m blessed to still be a student of nature and that Gabby is such a good teacher!


Remember, you create your day by the way you think! Make it magnificent!


Blessings, Shawna

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