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Getting A Good Night's Sleep!

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx

Getting A Good Night's Sleep!You all know what it's gonna be like when you have a newborn, sleep is kind of non existent, I had the great pleasure of suffering from post natal insomnia too (yay!) so when Abbie was asleep, I would literally lay there for hours trying to get off, so much for sleeping when baby sleeps! It started to get better a few months ago, typically when Abbie went through a sleep regression but hey! I think having a toddler keeping me on my toes wears me out so I can sleep better now but I've had to try lots of different things to help me drift off, even resorting to the white noise app on my phone which is made for babies...yes it does work! I've made a list of my top 3 ways to help get you to sleep below, all of which I have tried myself! I hope they can help you in some way too!
1. Listen to music
I'm not talking disco style and the volume blasted up high, but something peaceful and soothing, gentle and relaxing, some of the best sounds to fall asleep to are whale songs, tubular bells, the ocean, white noise and a range of other ambient noises! If you're looking for something a little more similar to what you know, there is actually a proven list of songs that can help you drift off into the land of nod, from Adele to Coldplay, Mozart to All Saints, definitely worth a go if you're struggling to get off!
2. Meditate 
I've not actually tried this, mainly because I never have the time but it's a fab way to get yourself completely relaxed before getting into bed, just make sure you won't get disturbed and you have a nice space to work in, relaxing your body as well as your mind is so important, we all have 101 things running through our minds it's not surprising we can't fall asleep at times, this gives you a chance to turn off and completely unwind, use candles and soft music too if that helps!
3. Hot bath
This is my go to for getting to sleep, close the bathroom door and run yourself a hot bath, the room will steam up which is actually great for your skin too, roll up a towel and place it where you will lay your head, light a few scented candles, add your favorite bubble bath (preferably a relaxing night time one) and just lay there, close your eyes and do nothing, don't think about anything! I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it zzzzz if it gets too hot you can fold up a flannel, run some cold water on it and place it over your forehead! :)
What helps you get to sleep?

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