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Get Your Vibe ON. Think Peace. Think Harmony. Think Love. 11.11.11

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

11.11.11:   Many people of all beliefs and faiths will gather today, November 11, 2011.  There will be people from all walks of life in every country.  They will meet at holy sites, sacred places, in homes, in communities, and even virtually.   The intention is to use visualization, positive thought, positive energy, prayer, meditation, breathing, music and sounds to spread peace, balance, calm and harmony throughout the world.

This date is said to be the most favorable, opportune, or promising time of this century.  Some believe it is the moment when the pillars of heaven and earth come into balance.  Many believe that it is a time when we can all come together and transform global consciousness; an awakening; becoming one.

Get Your Vibe ON. Think Peace. Think Harmony. Think Love. 11.11.11

We know through ancient teachings (and now confirmed through science) that all life, all space, and all matter is vibrating energy.   People are made up of over 75 trillion cells and they all vibrate.  Some vibrate fast and some vibrate slower.  The speed in which our cells vibrate is affected by positive things and negative things, and by things like illness (slower vibration) and love (higher vibration).  When we are mad, angry, jealous or depressed our cells are vibrating slowly.  When we are healthy and happy, in love or laughing — our cells are vibrating fast!  There is a direct correlation between the rate in which our cells vibrate and the health of our body and our mind.

All energy resonates outward, it intertwines and bumps into other energy from other life, form and space.  That is why when you are in a room with a negative person everyone around them begins to feel a bit negative… or when you are around a positive person you feel positive too.  A persons laughter will make you laugh, a persons sadness will make you sad.  It’s like a big game of bumper cars… all of our energies mingling with each other.

Imagine for a moment.  If everyone in the world came together and let their light shine, showered their positive thoughts, spoke their positive prayer, or sang their positive song… imagine the imprint that would make on all energy… on all of the universe, of creation.

The number 11, in Numerology brings equal balance of the feminine and masculine; it represents self-awareness, vision, independence, new beginnings, intuition, optimism, revelation, and has incredible high vibrational energy.  The number 1 represents the Creator – creating new beginnings.  The number 11 is referred to as the “Master Vibration Number” or the Messenger of Spirit – bringing spiritual insight and inspiration from a higher plain.

So light a candle ~ let your energy radiate out like the flame, find a celebration, or send out peace, love and positive thought today!  It will not happen again for another 100 years!

Happy 11.11.11 ! ~Namaste ~

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