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Get the Stuck Engagement Ring / Wedding Band Off Your Finger!!!

By Macrogers

Get the Stuck Engagement Ring / Wedding Band Off Your Finger!!!

Have you been wearing your prized possession – engagement ring or wedding band for quite some time? When was the last time you took off the engagement ring / wedding band? Or did you just try on the ring you liked, without paying much attention to the size and now it refuses to come off easily? Don’t be alarmed and rush off to get it cut inorder to get it removed.

Fascinating Diamonds presents a few simple tips, which will help you to remove it safely without hurting your finger and damaging the ring either.

General Techniques

Position your index finger and thumb of the opposite hand on and under the stuck ring, respectively. Then slowly start pulling the ring out while twisting the ring back and forth, gently.

Tip: Don’t pull the ring too harshly. It may hurt your finger, causing additional swelling and making it harder to remove your much adored diamond engagement ring or wedding band.

Lubricant Method

Using any sort of skin-friendly lubricants will aid in easily removal of the ring with least harm caused to the skin of the finger or the finger itself. Many household lubricant items that enhance slipperiness are sure to help.

Some of the common household items that can be used to take of the ring are:

  • Hand Lotion / Skin Crème
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Hair shampoo/conditioner or Bathing Soap and Water
  • Any Oil – Coconut Oil, Baby Oil etc
  • Butter

Tip: Though ammonia-based lubricants work the best, but if the skin is cut or broken, chose the lubricant very wisely.

Cold Water Method

The easiest method of all – Dip your hand in cool water. The ring fits in more loosely when it is cool compared to warmer environment. Leave your hand with the ring dipped in cool water for a few minutes. This absolutely painless method may help get the ring off your finger.

Tip: It is advisable to use cool water rather than ice cold water.

Dental Floss Method

Yet another way to take off the engagement ring or wedding band without getting it cut is to use the dental floss that is a handy item among our personal hygiene stuffs. The dental floss can be used in following way:

  • Slip one end of the dental floss under your diamond engagement ring or wedding band.
  • Then wind the rest of the dental floss around the finger, till the knuckle.
    • Slowly unwind the dental floss from the end that was slipped under your engagement ring or the wedding band. As the floss is being unwound the ring will slowly move up the finger, till it can be taken off easily.

    Tip: The dental floss must be winded gently on the finger. If it is too tight, unwind the floss.

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