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Get More Visitors to Your Website Or Blog

Posted on the 09 November 2011 by Badmoneyblog @badmoneyblog

Get more visitors to your website or blogAs entrepreneurs ourselves, we have a vested interest in growing our business online and getting more visitors to our website or blog. We have found through trial and error, that you can have the most perfectly designed, video-enabled, fancy and expensive website, but if no one lands on your page, you might as well not have a website at all.   
   What not to do. We recently paid $27 and drove 40 miles to attend a workshop titled, “How to market your business online (without spending a fortune on people like me).” After the 90 minute workshop, we felt like we spent $27 on a bad cup of coffee (since coffee was provided) and wasted 90 minutes of our lives that we will never get back. Other than the fact that this workshop inspired us to offer you this FREE information, the workshop was nothing more than a business card exchange with people who didn’t seem interested in ever visiting our website. We were convinced that not one of them would ever be a customer of ours. None would read our blogs. None would generate us even $1 in revenue. So how do we change all of this? Click here to keep reading.
If you read nothing else, read this!  Right now we want to share with you the most important information about internet marketing you can ever receive, exactly how to get people to your website. This is the most basic, and yet most critical, piece of information we can ever give you. The key is simple, so simple that it is often misunderstood because people use fancy terms like SEO, analytics, page impressions, and blah blah blah. The key is QUALITY CONTENT! 
Quality Content. What does this mean exactly? It is the words, pictures, and video that you place on your website. This information is available for search engines to find and categorize. The search engines then provide this information when your potential customers search for it. It is that simple. Forget the days of typing a bunch of “key words” in hidden parts of websites to get your website noticed. Those days are over. Search engines are smarter than that now. When was the last type you typed a search phrase and didn’t find relevant information? 
How to create quality content. Does this work? Open your favorite search engine ( in a new window. Now type the phrase “storage unit auctions Newport News” (without the quotes, since no one uses quotes when searching the internet) into the search box (or use the google search box on this page to your right).  Once you click "search" what you should see are three paid ads/links (the top three search results) and a bunch of links/ads to the right side of the page. These are people who paid to have their websites placed here. 
But wait, you don’t want to pay for ads! Exactly! What you should also see below these paid ads on this page are two of our blog posts for  Did we pay someone to get us there? Did the magic internet fairy place it there? No. We have found a system that works to get us at the 5th and 6th place on this search page without ever paying a dime. 
So how did we do it? Key search terms on our blog post. The key is that "quality content" we were writing about earlier.   All we did was write some articles using the key phrase "Storage Unit Auctions in Newport News." These are well written and quality pieces which bring traffic to our website daily without us having to do anything.  How much traffic?  Keep reading.
Get more visitors to your website or blogOur Secret.  Now we are going to share with you the absolute 100% FREE secret to our success. Look to your left. Do you see that small book icon called Building a Business NOT a Blog?  Well click on it and download it now before it becomes a paid product! This works just as well for websites as it does for blogs. The best part is this is FREE!
Why it works.  We love the Building a Business NOT a Blog by: JohnCow book for many reasons.  By applying just a few of the techniques in this book, we have increased our website traffic six-fold without paying a dime for website traffic.  These proven techniques that JohnCow will share with you show you step by step how to find the key word phrases that will generate you not only website traffic, but the sales you want and need.  These are the gems, the diamonds in the rough, that YOU need to know in order to get more visitors to your website or blog.
Learn from our mistakes. We tried to use products like to boost our website traffic and it did, temporarily. We tried the expensive pay per click ads and they boosted our website traffic, until the money ran out. Then we found Building a Business NOT a Blog and we haven’t looked back. 
Proven success.  When we started back in June 2011, we were averaging about 150 page views a month. During September 2011, we implemented changes recommended in Building a Business NOT a Blog by: In September we saw 345 page views. Since October 2011 just closed out, we now have a readership of over 600 page views. If you used the same techniques and converted just 10% into sales on your website, that would be 60 sales. You might say to yourself, “600 page views is not a lot.” We say to you, what could you do with 60 more sales right now?
Get more visitors to your website or blog
What do we ask from you? Nothing more than social networking. We ask that you pass this webpage around. Share it with your friends. Blog about it. Re-read it. Link us to your website. That is about all we can ask. We are only trying to do you a favor by providing you with the tools to make your website better.  Over the next few weeks please check back often as we will share more stories about how we were able to build website traffic for FREE and use social media websites to generate more traffic. 
So what are you waiting for? Get the book, read it, and get more visitors to your website or blog.
Still don't believe us?  Email us and we will send you a detialed report of our sucess including screen shots of the traffic statistics we have generated.

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