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Get Healthy in the New Year with RealEats

By A Beauty Feature @abeautyfeature

Get Healthy in the New Year with RealEats. According to a survey, more than 70% of consumers made New Year’s resolutions to diet or eat healthier this year.

RealEats, a chef-designed, ready-to-eat meal delivery service that uses non-processed, always fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients, has pioneered a convenient way to eat healthy in the new year. Making it attainable for consumers around the country to keep their 2020 resolutions.

Unlike most meal delivery services, RealEats provides chef-curated, healthy, farm-to-table meals that stay fresh for up to seven days when refrigerated. Plus, the meals are never frozen. Customers can select breakfast, lunch or dinner meals and purchase them either through a monthly subscription or soon on an a la carte basis too.

Each meal is expertly crafted with attention to nutrition, freshness and deliciousness by celebrity and Michelin-star chef Aliya LeeKong. Using real ingredients from RealEats’ carefully selected network of local farms in upstate New York.

Get Healthy in the New Year with RealEats

Get Healthy in the New Year with RealEats

The meals, all of which are dietician-approved, can be prepared in six minutes or less and are key to maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet that will not take away time from consumers’ busy schedules.

“Developing and delivering unique dishes made with fresh ingredients you can trust enables RealEats to positively impact the quality of life of our customers by making it convenient for them to access real food,” said Chef LeeKong, chief culinary officer of RealEats.

“We are proud to make clean eating accessible for consumers everywhere, and we hope people with resolutions to eat healthy in the new year will be inspired to get to know RealEats.

Try something new this year with some of RealEats’ most popular menu items including Green Goddess Chicken, Miso Salmon and BBQ Brisket.  Thanks to food-grade, BPA free packaging, the meals can be prepared either in boiling water or, out of the bag, in the microwave, leaving even amateurs in the kitchen feeling like professional chefs.

It is more important than ever before for today’s consumers to know what is in their food and where it comes from, which is why RealEats is proud to source many of its ingredients from small farms in the prominent Finger Lakes agricultural region of New York, located just around the corner from RealEats’ culinary facilities.

The company is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint by using recyclable or recycled materials in their packaging and through the unique vacuum-sealing format that reduces food waste naturally without preservatives.

“Our location in upstate New York has become a pivotal piece of our story that we could not have scripted better ourselves,” said Dan Wise, chief executive officer of RealEats. “The abundance of agriculture in the Finger Lakes region allows us the opportunity to source fresh, natural ingredients in our own backyard.

At the same time, the academic community here provides the food safety and innovation resources to make real food simple for our customers. There is no better location to build a healthier food future.”

Get Healthy in the New Year with RealEats

The company currently ships its meals – with gluten-free, dairy-free and plant-based options – to 22 states and growing.

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